Digging Up My Free Gift

All summer my oldest daughter has had the hard job of babysitting her five year old triplet sisters. Since my husband and I both office out of our home we are here most of the time. We have to visit accounts and try to time them so that one of us will always be home but there are times that my oldest has the girls all to herself. It is not an easy job. Most adults wouldn’t be able to handle it but she is a trained babysitting machine and she is good at it. She is an extremely compassionate and loving young lady. Every day around 2pm she puts the triplets in the bath, washes their hair and lets them play in there for a while. My mom called her once during bath time and asked her why the girls were already in the bath. My daughter told my mom that she didn’t want my husband and I to have to work all day and then come home and give them a bath so she does it for us before we get home. Seriously. The other day she called me and was cracking up laughing. She had just made the girls lunch. She made grilled chicken, edemame, apples and honeydew melon. She wanted them to eat healthy and thought it was hilarious that the were shoving the food in their mouths and begging for more. She was so proud of herself. She also reads to them and colors with them. She is doing her part in our family to help them grow and learn. She prays with them before they eat lunch and she lets each one for them say a prayer out loud. This can take forever because each one takes her time in the spotlight to ramble on and on about what she loves about God. She nourishes them, cares for them and helps them grow. I’m not sure how she turned out so great but I’m not going to question it. Then there are the moments when she calls and says “this is too hard”. She loves her sisters but just like any siblings they have their moments. It is also hard to adjust from minute to minute with her autistic sisters moods. It is a hard job and even harder when you know your friends are at the lake, pool, park and every where else they get to go while she is babysitting. When we get home we always remind her how grateful we are that she helps us and that she does it with a servants heart. As a reward for babysitting she gets to go to camp and her awesome daddy takes her to the lake and the coast all the time in the summer. The way that she is so willing to help my husband and I and the fact that she does it with grace and compassion is a true blessing.
Jesus told a parable about a master who gave his servants his money to take care of while he went on a trip. Two of the servants invested the money and turned it into more money for the master. The third servant buried his so that it would be safe and gave the same money, no more no less, to the master when he got back. The master was pleased with the first to for not only taking care of his money but helping it grow. He told those servants “Well done good and faithful servant, well done” and they were both invited to share in the masters wealth and joy. The master was not as pleased with the third servant who simply buried the money and did nothing to help prosper. The master told the servant that he was lazy and did nothing to help grow the masters kingdom and for that he cast him our in to the darkness. Maybe that’s a little harsh, maybe it’s not. It was the servants responsibility to not just protect the money but to nourish it, care for it and help it to grow. As servants of God it is our responsibility to protect the gift that he has given us but He doesn’t want us to stop there. He wasn’t us to nourish it, care for it and help it grow. He wants us to double our money. No, sorry not cash money but the free gift that He has given us. He wants us to go out and multiply disciples for His kingdom. We are supposed to be growing the kingdom of God. That means leaving our comfort zone, talking to strangers, friends, family and anyone else that will listen about he free gift that God has given us and what we receive when we accept it. Are you multiplying our masters investment or have you buried it? It’s not too late to dig it up and start investing. Invest in your neighbor. Invest in your parents. Invest in your siblings. Invest in your hairdresser. Invest in your boss. Invest in the store clerk. Invest in your waitress. Invest in whomever you can when ever you can. It’s not an option, it’s a responsibility. It’s time. It’s time to grow our kingdom in heaven. When you are finally standing at the feet of our mighty Savior what will you be able to lay at His feet? Will you lay dirty money that you just dug up or will you hear God say to you “Well done good and faithful servant, well done”. Let’s pray “Powerful Father give us the hands and feet to help us get out of our comfort zone and multiply disciples. Give us the voice to spread Your word. In Jesus name, amen”. If you’re feeling sorry for my daughter right about now, let me just tell you that on the weekends she is a free bird and gets to go do more than anyone else in this house. She works hard for it and deserves it. She is also beside herself with excitement that her sisters start school on Wednesday and her babysitting gig is over.

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