I’m A Wreck

My first month at my current job my boss called and told me that he needed me to ride along with another sales rep so that I could cover her vacation. It really couldn’t get any better. I met an amazing woman who basically chauffeured me around and took me out to lunch at her accounts. She even took me to a strip club. Ok, in her defense is was one of her accounts and she told me several times that I could wait in the car while she went in and got the order. A few days in to the week we were in the car headed to an account and came to a stop sign. We were chit chatting waiting for the red light to turn green when all of the sudden BAM, huge wreck! A car slammed in to the back of us without so much as tapping the brakes. I ended up half on the floor board and half on the seat. Our computers and phones were shoved under the back seats. The car hit us so hard that it forced the sunroof open. My sweet friend threw the “mommy arm” on me in an attempt to save me. We both sat there for a second trying to figure out what had happened. While we were at the red light chit chatting, the young woman behind us was chit chatting to her friend too, on the phone. My friend saw her coming in the rear view mirror and screamed right before she hit us. She was so caught up in whatever was going happening on the other end of the phone that she never even looked up to see us sitting at the red light. Don’t ask her what happened because her story is very different. Her insurance company agreed with us. Several physical therapy sessions later we were as good as new. I actually feel sorry for the girl that smacked in to us. I can recall many times in my life when I have been so focus on one thing that I couldn’t see where I was headed and more than once I have caused a wreak. When I was four years old I was kicking at my brother who was on the other side of the french doors. I wanted to kick him. All of the sudden my foot went through the glass, BAM, huge wreck! When I was in high school I was so focused on needing someone to love me that I didn’t realize all the relationship that I was ruining, BAM, huge wreck! I was once so focused on being the perfect mom that I couldn’t see the destruction that I was causing within my marriage and all of the sudden BAM! Huge wreck. Is there something that you can’t take your eyes off of? Is there something that you think about all day every day? Is it taking away from the other things that are in front of you? What are you sacrificing to stay consumed with that one thing? I sacrificed friends, education, promotions, my marriage, my kids and many other beautiful things because I couldn’t look up from the things that consumed me. It took me a very long time to realize that I needed to look up. We focus on the wrong thing all to often and fail to see far more important and beautiful things in our lives. Our jobs are important and crucial in supporting our family but do you bring that home with you and remain focused on it for the rest of the day, failing to see the little faces around you at home begging for your attention. I do it all of the time. My work is important but not more important than my children and if I’m not careful then I’ going to look up from my job one day and my kids are going to be grown. Or even worse, are you focused on someone who isn’t your spouse? Do you day dream of being with them or having them just touch you? I’ve done it. If your not careful and don’t take your eyes off of them and put them back on you spouse I promise that there will be a huge wreck. There was a time when I was much younger that I couldn’t take my focus off of drugs and alcohol. That one will get you good. I think that we have all fallen in to it. It’s called temptation and its the work of that stinky devil. He works so hard to make us take our focus off of God and put it on anything else. He loves when we don’t look up. He loves when he can get us to stare at one thing and neglect what is important around us. He will take your kids, your spouse, your job, your friends, your parents, your money and anything else he can get his hands on while you aren’t looking. Our only defense against him is our love and loyalty to God. He can’t stand when our hearts our focused on God’s grace, love and mercy. How is he ever going to win against that. He can’t. He keeps trying because he’s an idiot. We have to constantly put the good in our lives and so that bad can’t find it’s way in. That means what we listen to , what we watch, how we treat our kids, how we treat our spouses, who we keep friends with, where we work and everything else that will affect our souls. Look around today and see what you might have been missing while you were focused on something else. Look up from what you have been so consumed with so that you can see what God is doing in the rest of your life. Sing His praise, say your prayers, give thanks but most important, look up because if you don’t, BAM, huge wreck! Let’s pray “Faithful Father thank you for all of the beautiful things that you put in our lives. Help us to take our eyes off of the things that consume us so that we can appreciate everything that You have given us. Let us focus on You and You alone so that the devil has no room to sneak in to our lives. In Jesus name,amen”. I found out a few days after our accident that my sweet friend in a car wreak magnet. I think that she is up to 4 wreaks since she has been with the company and oddly enough none of them were her fault. I now wear a helmet when I ride with her.

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