“Come Find Me!”

Hide and Seek

When my brother and I were kids our favorite game to play was “Come Find Me”. When we would get home from school, we would open the door and hear my mom yell “come find me!”
It would almost turn us inside out because she was the master hider and would scare the heck out of us when we found her. As soon as we found her it was our turn to go hide.

I was extremely flexible and small (oh how times have changed) so my brother would shove me in to the smallest place he could find knowing that my mom would never look there.


One time he put me in a trash bag, you know the big, black, thick, durable ones. Obviously my mom not finding us was far more important than air. He shoved me in the trash bag and tied it up tight so that she would think it was full of trash.

Oh the irony.

Well, as my mom searched and searched the house and probably grew a little frantic, I started to sweat and gasp. I was trying to be still so that she wouldn’t notice me but it was getting hotter and hotter in there.

My brother probably wore a huge smile on his face for accomplishing the ultimate hiding place. I can’t tell you for sure that he was smiling because I couldn’t see a thing in that plastic bag.

Finally my mother realized that I was tied up tight in the breath stealer, sweat maker, claustrophobic maker and greatest hiding place ever , she freaked out and ripped it open.

I was so thankful that she had finally found me because I was seriously about to die in there. My brother and I laughed hysterically and cheered for getting her good this time.

She did not cheer.

Instead of a gold metal for winning the “come find me” game, we got a long lecture on how we should NEVER tie ourselves, or each other, in a plastic bag.

Geez buzz kill.

We went along with her lecture but we secretly knew how awesome we were for thinking up that amazing hiding place.

Hiding From God

I hid from God the same way. He wasn’t exactly playing the “come find me” game with me, He knew where I was all along. I was playing the game with Him.

I spent several years shoved in the smallest place that I could find so I could be sure that He would never look for me there. I would be as still as possible so that He wouldn’t hear me shuffling in my uncomfortable place. Then, in desperation, I shoved myself in the plastic bag. I tied it up tight so that He would think that it was full of trash.

I thought that I was safe and that I was smart for getting in there. No one could find me and if no one could find me then I didn’t have to pretend to be someone that I wasn’t.

Obviously God not finding my was far more important than having to live a life of honesty and faith.

I began to sweat.

I began to get claustrophobic and almost stopped breathing.

Hiding in the trash bag was slowly killing me.

Finally God ripped open the bag and freed me. I took a deep breath and He wiped the sweat from my face.

I was free.

I was so thankful that God had found me because I was seriously about to die in there.

The beauty is that I have seen what it looks like in that bag and I never have to go back. I was lifeless in that bag but God is the breath of life and saved me from self destruction.

Read this beautiful verse Genesis 2:7, “And the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living soul.” .

What a sad soul I must have been before God breathed life into me.

I refuse to ever hide again from anyone. I refuse to tone down my Christianity out of fear of what someone might think. I refuse to pray for only those that I love. I refuse to reduce my “God bless you” to just “bless you”.

Most importantly, I refuse to ever get back in that trash bag and hide myself disguised as trash.

Are you in a trash bag?

Please let me rip it open for you so that you can see how awesome it is to have God breath the breath of life in to you. It may seem safe in there right now but there is a horrible price to pay for staying tied up in that trash bag.

If you never open the bag you will forever sweat, gasp for air and be confined to that tiny little dark spot. The moment you rip the bag open, all those things go away and your life will be free. Get out of the bag. Let’s pray ” Merciful Father thank you for ripping my bag open and breathing life in to me. Because of that I am free and can live life free of fear because I know that the most amazing mansion with the best hiding places is waiting for me in Your Kingdom. In Jesus name, amen”. My brothers ability to shove me in to small spaces always came in handy when we locked ourselves out of the house. He would shove me through the tiny air condition vent that lead in to the garage so that I could open the door. Oh to fit through that AC vent again.

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