Let It Go!

There is a family at our church that has a kid every year. Seriously. They are up to five and I think the baby’s birthday is coming up so I can almost bet that she is either pregnant or will be pregnant very soon. I love this family because they make my family look normal. When we walk in to church and they are there it is so comforting to see another big family. As a matter of fact, we have a lot of big families at our church. Having four or more kids in our church is the norm. I once asked the mom of the big family if they were going to have more and she said that it was completely up to God. I love that. I love when someone loses their job and instead of freaking out they say that God will take care of it and that they will find another job. I love when they say that it is part of Gods plan. I love when someones car breaks down or gets a flat and they say it was Gods way of slowing them down to avoid something that they were headed for. I love the saying “It’s a God thing” or “It’s all part of God’s plan” or “All in Gods time”. But do we truly leave it all up to God? I know that we have to have drive and determination. I understand that we have to make things happen like looking for a job, preparing for another child, insure our cars, pay our bills and take care of ourselves. I also believe that God has a plan for all of us, a purpose for all of us and if we let Him guide us then we can;t go wrong. Do we truly leave it up to God or do we do it our way and try to control everything around us and then hope that it is Gods plan for us. I can tell you first hand that God definitely has his own agenda. I found that one out with a sonogram showing three heart beats. No matter how prepared we made ourselves and how ready we were to get pregnant, we were not prepared for Gods plan to give us three children at one time. What a prankster God can be. We have had job loses and in the moment it seems so scary but when we look back it is clear that it was Gods plan and that His plan is good. Can you imagine how Mary felt when she got news of God’s plan for her? What about David? Do you think that David second guessed God as he walked towards Goliath with just a sling and five stones? Then there is Sarah who heard Gods plan for her to have a child and laughed at it because of how old she was. Much to her surprise she was blessed with a sweet baby soon after. Come to think of it, how many people doubted Jesus and His teachings? Jesus taught about God’s plans for us. Those who doubted Him and then stood as the skies turned to black while he was nailed to the cross must have gasped and let out an “Uh Oh”. Do you truly believe in God’s plan? I do, most of the time. I’ll admit that it is scary to let go of control and trust 100% in God’s plan. Does that make me a bad Christian? I don’t think so. I think it makes me human. My husband and I try to listen to God’s word through our prayers and trust in that alone. It’s scary. It’s scary when our bank account is low, when we choose to let go of a job to pursue a dream, when we send our kids to public school, when we trust in Him to determine how many children we will have and every other decision that we make based on what we believe is Gods plan. Are we going to get pregnant again? How are we going to afford it? Is the new business going to prosper and if it doesn’t how are we going to pay the bills? Will are kids be okay in public school? Will our daughter get teased because of her autism? We could question ourselves all day everyday but if we have our eyes focused on God and God alone then not only will He lead us down the right path but He will also protect and provide for us. Believe me when I say it is not easy. I’ve never claimed that being a Christian is a piece of cake, it’s not. It is not easy to have complete faith, we are human and naturally have doubt that creeps up on us. I am a total control freak so it’s even harder for me to let go and let God. I can promise this, it will make life easier if we let go and let God. I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes the day that the a sonogram showing three heart beats instead of one. Let’s pray “Faithful Father help us to let go and trust in You and your plan for us. Calm our fears when we face a struggle that seems impossible to handle. Put Your hand on our hearts and remind us that You are in control and that all we have to do is have faith. In Jesus name, amen”. The sweet family at our church who puts complete faith in Gods plan for their family always walks in with a baby on her hip, on holding her hand and three more following her like little ducks. It is one of the most comforting things that I get to see. I wonder what people think when they see my family coming? I’m pretty sure that it isn’t comfort but chaos that they see.

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