While on vacation this week we spent most of our time by the pool. My older girls are great swimmers but the triplets haven’t figured it out yet. My oldest daughter was swimming like a fish by age 2 but I only had her to watch and teach. It’s not an easy task to watch and teach three little kiddos at the same time so they lack in the swimming department. It was funny to watch them in their little swim tubes. They each wore one around their waist and ventured out to their comfort level in the pool. My youngest triplet was running and jumping in to the deep in yelling “cannon ball”. The oldest triplet would swim in the deep end but not quit as confident as her sister who was jumping in. Then there was my sweet middle triplet. She is our autistic one and marches to the beat of her own drum. The first day that we were out there she sat on the first step and held on to the side. Every once in a while she would take her hand off (still sitting on the step) and yell “I’m swimming, I’m swimming”. We all cheered as though she had just won the Olympics. Eventually she moved down to the second step and completely let go of the side of the pool. That was huge. About the third day, when we were all tired and couldn’t stay in the water for another minute, she let go all together and went in to the deep end. If you have had experience with autism then you know how huge this is. She stayed there for another 4 hours. She “swam” by herself, in her own world and was the happiest that I have ever seen her. I literally had to drag her out when it was dinner time. It’s so weird how the triplets are such different little people with different fears, personalities, likes and dislikes yet they came from the exact same batch. Two of them are identical and couldn’t be more different. It reminds me of us in our Christianity and how we are all at different levels and have different fears yet we all come from the same batch. I wish I was like my youngest triplet and just threw caution to the wind and jumped right in to it yelling “cannon ball!!”. I spent many years as a new Christian the same way my middle triplet did when she first got in the water. I stood as close to the edge as I could and would not let go of my safe place. I put my toes in but wasn’t real sure if I was ready to let go and get in deep. It has always been easier for me to swim in my faith when no one was looking. I guess you could say that once everyone else got out of the pool is when I would let go of the sides, venture in to the deep and yell “I’m swimming, I’m swimming!”. I think right now I’m right where my oldest triplet is, swimming in the deep end with the safety of my little floaty but not brave enough to jump in yet. This is my comfort zone. I don’t want to be comfortable, I want to be brave. I want to venture further in to the deep end. I want to cannon ball in to my faith. I don’t want to do it just when there isn’t anyone looking, I want to do it all the time. If Jesus had just sat on the step and held on to the edge then who would have shown Peter and the other disciples how to be fishers of men? Jesus let go and walked across the water to Peter and told Peter not to be scared, just to focus on Him and walk out in the water to Him. Now, I don’t recommend trying to walk on water but I do recommend keeping your focus on Jesus. The second that Peter took his focus off of Jesus he sunk in the water. That’s reason enough for me to stay focused on Jesus, I don’t want to sink. Are you focused on Jesus or are you hanging on to the edge? Let go. Live loud and with undying faith. Swim in the deep end. Cannon ball in to the pool! Let’s pray “Faithful Father teach us how to let go of the edge in live our lives in the deep end. Give us the courage to venture out of our comfort zone and stand tall in our faith. Help us to keep our eyes, ears and hearts focused on Your Son. In Jesus name, amen”. The day after my middle triplet finally swam in the deep end, she got in to the pool, off the step and yelled “I got my swim back!”. It’s a gentle reminder that every day we need to step off the step, venture to the deep end and get our swim back. Never lose sight of the deep end, always keep focus on our Savior and when you are good and ready jump in and yell “CANNON BALL!”.

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