Frying The Kids

I’m on vacation this week so the kids have been running free and not sticking to a schedule. Yesterday we spent the entire day by the pool. They ran back and forth from the house to the pool all day long. When we first went out to the pool in the morning we forgot to put sunscreen on. I am obsessive about sunscreen. I apply it about thirty minutes before they go outside and then again when they get outside. I reapply it about every hour. I don’t think that the triplets have ever had a sunburn in their lives. Come to think of it, they haven’t even had red checks from the sun, I don’t allow it. Not only will the sun cause skin cancer but it ages you, gives you dark spot and wrinkles. My mother had skin cancer so I don’t play around when it come to the sun. Our family could quit possibly be the palest family there is and I am perfectly fine with that. Pale is the new tan, I promise!. Well, the girls were only going to be in the pool for a short time so I just told them that we would wait until the got out to apply the first coat. Brilliant. They fried like bacon. It truly makes me sick that the got sun on them. It makes me even more sick that I didn’t bother to protect them on their first trip out to the pool in the morning. It is a gentle reminder to me that I must protect them at all times, especially when they are going out to face forces that I do not have control over. It’s pretty simple, all I had to do was apply a layer of protection over them and they would have been fine. Since I didn’t take the time to put that layer of protection on them, they will now suffer the consequences. We have to do the same thing for them spiritually every day. My husband and I cover them in prayer constantly so that when they are away from us they have a layer of protection over them. If we let them leave the house without covering them in prayer then it opens up an opportunity for them to be unprotected from the forces that are out of our control. We not only have to cover our children in prayer every day but we have to cover ourselves in prayer. My husband and I pray for each other ever morning and it is something that we do not take lightly. Sometimes I pray that he goes out in the world like a warrior and that God never takes His hands off of him and sometimes I pray that God keeps me from wringing his neck. Either way it’s a prayer of protection right? I like to remind the devil every day who he is up against and that if he messes with me or my family there will be a huge price to pay. I’m God’s girl so that stinky devil better watch out. I make it a point to stop what I am doing in the morning and make sure that I have prayed for my family and friends. What about the times throughout the day that we tell someone that we will pray for them. Why don’t we stop right then and there and pray for them instead of telling them that later, when we have time, we will say a prayer for them. Sometimes that can be an empty promise because I’ll be the first to admit that I forget. We need to cover each other in a layer of protect at all times, it’s our responsibility to each other. We even need to pray for a layer of protection over those that we might not necessarily want to. EEWWW! That’s the hardest part for me. I’ve started to make it a point to stop and pray for those who have hurt me the second they come in to my mind, it makes it easier to forgive and move on. I bet a million bucks that Jesus prayed for Judas right after He received his kiss. Jesus didn’t wait to pray, He did it right then and there. I’m pretty sure that Jesus never told anyone that He would pray for them later during His prayer time or when He was alone. I think that He would always stop what He was doing and pray. Let’s not wait to pray for anyone. Pray the moment you are moved to pray for them. Don’t give the standard “I will pray for you”. Pray right then and there. Don’t think of those who have hurt you and think that one day you will pray for them, pray for them right then and there. We need to not wait a minute more to pray. If you don’t put a layer of protection on before you face the day then I promise you will get burned. Let’s pray “Heavenly Father, teach us not to wait. Teach us how to stop ourselves in our busy world and take time in the moment to pray out loud for anyone and everyone. When those who have hurt us cross our minds, remind us that it is Your way of letting us know that we need to be praying for them. Give us the courage to say “let’s pray right now” instead of “I will say a prayer for you”. In Jesus name, amen.” My sweet little girls are never going to get to wear those cute little ruffled bathing suites because I insist that they wear the tshirt style suites. They also might get made fun of because of the huge white streak of sunscreen that I rub in to the parts in the hair. I promise they will thank me later when they are older and still have baby soft, wrinkle free, beautiful, cancer free skin.

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