Green Beans For Sale

When I was young all I really ever dreamed of being when I grew up was a police officer. I even went out to our police training facility and the chief of police let me go through some of the training with the cadets. That might have been where my dreams took a turn. The uniforms looked hot. The cars were very uncomfortable and navy blue really isn’t my color. The dreams came to a screeching halt when my older brother asked me what my plan was when I pulled over a car in the middle of the night and it was full of 6 foot tall bad guys that were determined to do anything not to get in trouble with the law. I’m not a very intimidating looking woman and I’m sure that they would laugh at me or maybe something worse. So, I decided that I was going to be a lawyer. HAHAHA! Do you have any idea how long they have to go to school? I’m allergic to school so those dreams went by the way side. In the end here I am selling food to restaurants. Not a bad gig at all. It helps provide a good living for my family as well as insurance and a flexible schedule. The problem is, it’s not my passion, it’s just my job. God gave us all a gift. Mine is not writing obviously. In my defense, I write my posts after the family has gone to bed, in the dark and my mind goes much faster than my fingers. I also hate taking the time to put in apostrophes but I love commas, that can be a problem, especially if you have my sister who is an English major and can’t stand my terrible grammar issues. That’s one of the reasons that I have asked you to pray for my sweet friend who is doing all the editing and proofing for our upcoming project. Bless her sweet heart. My passion is story telling. I would give anything to be able to make a living out of it. In the meantime you are stuck reading my terribly written posts. Jesus and His father Joseph made a living as carpenters. They made beautiful furniture with their bare hands. It’s kind of hard to wrap your head around the fact that the one who created the earth, sun, water, grass and trees was now using those exact trees to make more beautiful things. He helped support His family with the very things that He created. Amazing. He was a carpenter but that was His job, not His passion. When Jesus was 12 years old he went to the temple with Mary and Joseph to celebrate passover. They went every year and always went with a caravan of friends and family because it was safer that way. After the day of worship they all loaded up and headed home. It took Mary and Joseph some time before they realized that Jesus was not with them. They thought that maybe he was in the caravan with friends. It was three days before they finally found him. Jesus had stayed back at the temple and was sitting with the temple teachers talking with them. He asked them questions and the teachers were in awe of Jesus knowledge and understanding. Jesus passion was preaching and ministering to His people. Oh to have that gift. Jesus left His job as a carpenter and spent most of His years ministering. Of course Jesus knew the course of His life before He even got here but when He was here He was human and still had to make human decision, had human temptation and human pressure so he still had to make the hard choice to leave His Job and proceed with His God given gift. Brave. Trusting. Courageous. Strong. Faithful. If I could just be called one of those I would be happy. We all have to provide for ourselves and our families weather it’s taking care of kids at home or leaving each morning to go to your job. The things is, we all have a gift from God. If you know that your gift is teaching and you are making your living by being a teacher then score one for you! My gift can’t possibly be selling green beans to restaurants. Every time someone from my work sees my boss and asks him how he is, he always says “Just living the dream”. It makes me cringe every time because if this job is living the dream then I want to wake up. Yes, we all have to work and provide but we can not ignore our gift from God and we need to find a way to use it. If we take time to acknowledge His gift to us I can’t imagine how big He will bless us when we start to use it. As a matter of fact, when my girlfriends and I started W3 God immediately started putting people in our lives that needed to hear what we had to say. I’m not patting us on the back for being smart because that is debatable. I am saying that when we started using the gift that God gave us, He started showing us what a blessing it could be and the more we used it the bigger blessings He started to show us. Stop and ask God what your gift is and pray that he provides a way for you to use it. I need to stop killing myself to do my job and start living to use my gift. Are you using your gift? Let’s pray “Father remove the scales from our eyes and show us the gif tthat you have personally picked out for each of us. Show us how to use our gift and how we can use it to help others. Thank you for giving us the ability to provide for our families. Please keep Your hand on everything that we do weather it’s our jobs or our passion, we need You in both. In Jesus name,amen.” When I realized that I was allergic to school I also realized that I was allergic to exercise so any dreams of being a fitness instructor are out the door.

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