You’re Trippin

Before we got pregnant with the triplets I was pretty physically fit. I would run on the treadmill everyday and swim afterwards. I now know that God was giving me the opportunity to prepare my body for what was to come. Not only would the pregnancy take a toll on my body but being a mother to 3 infants would not be an easy task. I took all of the girls everywhere with me and that meant finding a way to carry three carseat carriers at one time. I learned very early on to park next to the cart holders at the grocery store so that I could stick the seats in the cart without leaving my car to go find a cart. One of my favorite milestones in the triplets life so far was the day that they could fol.low me to the car. Once they could follow me we look like a momma duck and her ducklings walking around. Once the girls were able to follow me everywhere, I found myself constantly tripping over them. My oldest daughter has a habit of literally walking on top of my feet. I have to “reposition” her all of the time (shove her out of the way). She likes to walk pressed up against me and it drives me insane. This is a constant battle for us and it drives me nuts because I can’t just walk, I have to keep myself from tripping with every step. It takes its toll on my patience and sometimes I make them walk several feet behind me, beside me or in front of me so that I don’t have to walk around them like little road blocks. I have to remind myself that I am their leader and it is their nature to follow me and follow me closely. I have to be thankful that they stick to my side and do not stray, get lost or start following someone else. My husband often walks behind us to make sure that we all stay corralled in one spot and that we don’t lose one from our herd. It’s kind of a funny thing to watch. I wonder if Jesus got frustrated with his followers. Can you imagine all the people that were falling at His feet? I can almost bet that He was tripping over them. People grabbed at his clothing just for a chance to touch him. Mary Magdalen fell at His feet when he showed up at her door and sat there listening to Him preach. He had 12 men following Him and following Him closely. Since He is a much better and more patient person that I am I can almost guarantee that he didn’t “reposition” them a little further away from him. And what about Martha, sweet Martha wanted to please Jesus and ran around like crazy trying to do it. Can you imagine how she was when Jesus came to her house. Mary was just sitting like a bump on a log at his feet while she slaved away in the kitchen. I picture Jesus getting up to talk to Martha in the kitchen and her almost knocking him down because she was so frantic to get things done. I bet Jesus didn’t shove her out of the way. What about Judas? Not only did he follow closely under Jesus feet almost tripping Him with each step but Jesus knew that this man was going to betray Him. Still, Jesus did not shove him out of His way. Jesus patiently lets us follow closely under His feet so that He can be sure that we stick to His side, do not stray and do not follow someone else. Jesus is patient, kind, forgiving and has amazing balance. Of course none of us will ever measure up to Jesus but maybe we can take a deep breath and aim ourselves towards Him. When I want to shove my oldest out of my way so that I can avoid tripping maybe I could take a minute to think about Jesus and how lovingly He let people stumble under His feet. We are all children trying to follow Him as closely as possible so that we don’t get lost, just like my children follow me. Just as Jesus is our leader, we are also our children’s leaders. I need to learn how to be a better leader in my home. I need to learn how to have patience when my daughters are eager to get underneath my feet. I need to learn how slow down and be thankful that I am the one they choose to follow. I need to learn how to have more patience. Do you have people following you throughout the day? I doesn’t necessarily have to be children. You may have coworkers following you, students following you or maybe you siblings. Don’t reposition them. Have patience and understanding that they are there for comfort and support. They are trying to learn from you. After all don’t we all follow somebody in our lives? None of us want to get shoved out of the way. Let’s pray “Gracious Father help us to be patient leaders to those who follow us. Remind us that we are also following someone and we need them to be patient with us as well. When we want to reposition someone in our lives put your hand on our shoulders and guide us to be a better leader. In Jesus name,amen”. In my defense, my daughter not only walk under my feet but they look back and talk to me the entire time that they are walking. I have had to save many little girls from smashing their faces in to the objects in front of them that they are oblivious to. So, I’m kind of like their super hero.

One thought on “You’re Trippin

  1. So true….. Can be very frustrating at times! So glad though that we have them …in my life my dogs are also guilty of this. At times I want to curse them and do when I actually fall down but when I look at them at their sweet faces I start laughing at myself and they join in.

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