Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours!

My oldest triplet is almost 6 years old. That didn’t sound right, actually all the triplets are almost 6 years old. The oldest of the three is obsessed with dying and going to heaven. Every day, and I do mean every day she writes a note to Jesus and puts it outside so that the clouds can come get it and take it to Jesus. Every night my husband and I go out and get the note and put it away in a special place for her to have later. She never acts shocked when the note isn’t there in the morning. She almost doesn’t even pay attention to it. We literally have to point out that Jesus got her letter. She always replies with a simple “I know”. Oh to have such faith and confidence. She is so in love with Jesus that she will stand in the middle of the room, raise her hands in the air and tell me that the bright light is going to shine on her and then Jesus is going to come get her and take her to heaven. Then she tells me that she will live with Jesus forever and I will miss her but I will see her when Jesus lets me go to heaven. I’m not sure if I should be sad or happy. On one hand I am thrilled that she has such amazing faith but on the other hand I am sad that she is so willing to leave me to go live with Jesus. A little resistance wouldn’t hurt moms self esteem! When do we lose that complete abandonment for Christ. When do we go from writing love letters to Jesus and leaving them outside to doubting that He is on our side. Have you ever thought your plans just might be a little smarter than Gods? Come on, admit it. Sometimes when I pray I tell God “Of course I will follow Your will but…”. But what? The “but” in my prayers says that I don’t fully trust or believe in Him. Yikes. How to we become believers? Is it what our parents tell us as we grow up, the bible study group you attend every week, the bible that you pour yourself into or the church you attend. When I first started reading the bible I would wounder if it really happened or wonder if people really lived for 100’s of years or if people really had that many kids, the list goes on and on. The strange thing is, God speaks to me. He speaks to me all of the time and it is clear as day. I can almost guarantee that He has spoken to you on several occasion its just a matter of realizing it is His word entering your heart. If I can believe that God speaks to me why do I question what is taught in the bible, bible studies, church or anywhere else that I receive His word. Anyone remember Abraham, father of the Isrealite people. Abraham was faithful to the Lord. He studied the stars and spent many hours talking to their maker. When God spoke to him he listened and he obeyed. He knew who the Lord was, no question about it. Abraham was so obedient and trusting in God that he was willing to offer his own son as a burnt offering because God told him to. Seriously. He hiked for 3 days with his son to the place where he would bind his son and lay him on the wood to be sacrificed. Abraham never doubted what God had asked him to do. Abraham son, Issac, asked his father where the lamb was for the sacrifice and Abraham told him that God would provide one when they got there. That must have been extremely painful for Abraham. Thankfully when Abraham was prepared to stab his son and offer him to the Lord, God spoke to him and told him that he did not have to go through with it. Abraham fully trusted in the Lord and he had none of the tools that we have to learn about Him. Abraham didn’t have a bible, a bible study, Sunday morning church or church on TV, no hymns and no books to read. All he had was his faith. Who the heck do I think that I am to question a single thing that God lays on my heart? I should be ashamed. When God tells me to forgive then it should be a no brainer but I still debate it with Him. When God tells me to tithe I should willing put all my money in the offering tray. When God tells me to serve then I should cancel all other plans and find a way to serve. I have all the resource imaginable at the tips of my fingers and I choose to use so little of them. Shame on me. Stop what you are doing and take a moment to fully put yourself in the word of God. Stop and listen to what He is telling you. Obey. Serve. Forgive. Give. Pray. Sacrifice. What is He telling you to do and what is holding you back. Lets pray “Almighty Father, teach us how to fully surrender to You. Show us that the “things” in our lives are just that, things. No matter what You ask of us prepare our hearts to be able to listen and obey. In Jesus name, amen”.. When did we stop having the pure heart of a child. Today I am going to stand in the middle of the room, raise my arms and brag to whomever will listen that Jesus is going to shine a bright light on me and come down to get me. If I end up in the looney house, someone please come bail me out. I have to go put my note out for Jesus.

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