Counting Sheep

My oldest daughter is leaving for camp today. She is going to a near by University to spend the week at volleyball camp. This will be her second year attending this camp and she absolutely loves it. Volleyball is her sport. She would play everyday if given the chance. She plays nonstop throughout the year for a team outside of school and this coming year will be playing for her school. I have to admit, she is pretty good at it. She’s kind of a runt and always the smallest one on the team but she plays with heart and puts all she has into every practice and every game. She packed her bags for camp a week ago. Its a week long camp and she had 5 bags packed. I had to do some rearranging to get her down to three bags. In her defense she has to take her own bedding because they stay in the dorms on campus so one bag is full of blankets. To make it easy for her I packed each outfit in a zip lock bag with everything she needs to wear that day down to her socks and then label what day she will be wearing it. This seemed like a very embarrassing idea to her until she went to her first camp and saw how easy it made getting ready for the day. She has been talking about this day for months. She has been practicing like crazy. The best part is that she has been doing odd jobs for whoever will pay her so that she can have her own money to spend at the campus store. I love that about her. She takes a lot of pride in earning her own money and being able to buy her wants. I can only imagine that she is running on very little sleep today due to the fact that she laid in bed all night thinking about getting in that dorm. Can you imagine if we had that kind passion for what we were going to do each day. How awesome would it be if we lost sleep each night due to our eagerness to face the next day. What if we had the passion about our jobs that my daughter has about her job to earn money for her wants. I lose sleep at night but its definitely not because I am eager to start work the next morning. I lose sleep because of the long to do list I will face in the morning. Do you ever lay in bed at night and stress over everything that you need to get done, what bills are over due, what that lump in your arm means, are you still in love with your spouse,is your baby going to be healthy, how will you pay for college, how will you pay for food and the other countless other things that keep us up at night. There is nothing that we can do about it at 2am but we still can’t just close our eyes and say that we can’t face the problem at 2am so we might as well get some rest. I can almost guarantee you that Jesus never lost a nights sleep over worrying about the next day. Not only did He know is destination but He fully trusted His father. FULLY trusted His Father. Can we say that again please. FULLY trusted His Father! I say that I fully trust God and all of His plan for me all the time but truly living it is another story. If I trust God and believe that He has a plan for me and that His plans are always perfect then why do I lose sleep at night over what the next day hold?. Every time the devil comes stalking me outside my house I start to stress. The truth is, the devil doesn’t stand a chance near my home and he will never find his way in to my house. We let him in once and all he did was stink up the place so we made sure that we were prepared to never let him near us again. One of my favorite verses is Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”. Instead of going to bed at night and basically begging for God to show us some mercy the next morning why don’t we just give Him thanks and that’s it. God has the next day handled, period. You will have to face all the things that keep you up at night, that is inevitable but the beauty of it is that God has already gone before you. I’m going to try to give thanks every night this week instead of asking for something and remind myself that God has it handled. Lets pray ” Sweet Father please help us to give it all to You and to not be anxious about what we will have to face today. Let us lay our heads on our pillow, give You thanks and be able to sleep peacefully. When I think about the devil trying to make his way back in to my house please remind me that You are on my side and if You are for me then who can possible be against me. In Jesus name, amen.” At the camp drop off at the University dorms there is a long line of parents, campers and bags waiting in the heat to check in and get in the rooms. The parents are all sweaty,cranky and all have the same look of defeat on their faces. The campers on the other hand are all smiles, giddy with the look of determination on their faces. Who are you going to be today, the parent or the camper?

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