Martha or Mary

I’m not one to cook extravagant meals every day. I work full time and am a mother to lots of little girls so my time tends to be a little limited. By the time I get home and get all of the girls corralled I don’t have tons of time to prepare big crazy meals. We also have a pretty strict 7pm bedtime in our house so there’s lots to do in a short amount of time. Because of all of this I have become a crock pot junkie. It’s really the lazy moms way of having a pretty good meal on the table in time for everyone to inhale within a matter of minutes. I will throw anything in there. I pick a meat and then go to the pantry to see what might go well with it. I have never followed a single recipe and so far have not scared off or killed any of my family members. I call that pretty successful. Honestly I would just rather spend my time at home hanging with my family. We do cook together sometimes but there is a lot of us and the kitchen can get pretty crowded so we like to spend time together in mine and my husbands room. I feel the same way when I have guests in the house. I prefer to throw out a few snack trays and maybe a big pot of beans but I don’t like to spend my time tied up in the kitchen. Now, when I go to someone else house, mostly my sister, I like for them to be the kind of person who loves to sweat it out in the kitchen. My sister has one of those stove tops on an island in her kitchen and we stand around it and cook…ok, she cooks and I watch but it is where we hang out when I am there. She is the perfect dinner hostess. I am not. She is extremely social while she is cook and never neglects her guest. I love when I get to be her guest. I’m a Mary girl. Jesus came upon a small village and a woman named Martha opened her home to Him. Jesus and all of His buddies show up to hang out at Martha’s. As you can imagine Martha is slightly freaking out. She is a busy bee making sure that everyone has a drink in hand and access to the appetizer tray, all the while making sure that everything in the kitchen is perfectly timed to be ready for a feast at just the right moment. I love Martha. I would love to be at her house and taste all of the goodies. Martha has a beautiful servants heart and I wish that I could be more like her. Then there’s Mary. Sweet Mary ran to Jesus and sat at His feet in awe of His beauty. Jesus began to teach some of the people at the house about our God and Mary couldn’t take her eyes off of Him. Mary didn’t bother to lift a finger in the kitchen because she did not want to get up from the feet of our savior. That fired Martha up. How dare she not get up and help serve Jesus and his buddies! She couldn’t believe that Mary was just going to sit on her rear and kiss up to Jesus. Mary couldn’t believe that Martha was going to waste all that time in the kitchen when she could be sitting at the feet of our king. How dare she not leave the kitchen and come serve at the feet of our Father! Both of these wonderful women had servants hearts and wanted to do everything that they could to impress Jesus and make Him feel comfortable and wanted in their home. I’m a Mary. I would have sat at Jesus feet and stared at Him and praying that He will tell me everything that He knew. My sister is more of a Martha girl. She would have made sure that Jesus and hi buddies and full tummies and a drink in hand at all times. Neither of these women were wrong. Martha was pretty upset that Mary didn’t help and i bet that Mary was pretty upset that Martha didn’t stop what she was doing and listen to Jesus. We need both Marthas and Marys. It’s funny how you will find my sister in my kitchen we we gather at my house, she is drawn to it, it is the way that she serves her family. I like to get in there get what I need and get out. I would much rather sit on the couch and chit chat, its how I serve. Sometime we think that people aren’t doing a good enough job or aren’t doing enough to serve our Lord but we are simply all just made to serve differently. I know that all of the people at church serve different rolls. My husband and I teach 4th and 5th grade bible study on Wednesday nights and we teach 4 year old Sunday school on Sundays. Some of the men serve as security, some as ushers, some as deacons and some in the nursery. The women serve differently as well. Some of the women serve to organize the volunteers, some teach class, some organize the Wednesday night dinners and some teach the bible study’s. It doesn’t matter how we serve our Lord as long as we are serving. I doesn’t matter if we are a Martha or a Mary. As long as we are serving where we benefit the Lord the best then we are good to go. Marthas love your Marys and Marys love your Marthas because without them then we would have to do the jobs that we don’t fit in. I don’t want to serve my family the way that my sister does, she can have that job. Are you a Martha or a Mary. Lets pray “Heavenly Father thank you for making us all unique. Help us to see that we all have a place to serve You and that we all serve You in our own perfect ways. Give us hearts to be your hands and feet. In Jesus name, amen.” When we head out to my sisters to hang out at the river and cook dinner I make sure that I always come equipped with a few bags of chips and some juice boxes. I leave the rest up to her. I’m just sweet that way.

Oh and there is a verse backing up my lack of involvement in the kitchen so I’m in the clear. “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:38-42 NIV

Take that all you Marthas!!

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