Will Work For Free

I stayed in a hotel this week. We got to stay on the concierge floor, something that I haven’t had the luxury of doing before and only got to do it this time because there was a screw up in the reservations. It may be obvious to you but news to me that on the concierge floor there is actually a concierge on the floor in a swanky lobby 24/7. When we got there he offered us up some drinks and finger foods. Yes please! As we sat on our balcony he waited on us hand and foot so that we wouldn’t have to get up. This is the complete opposite of what goes on in my house. In the morning he had hot coffee and fresh breakfast waiting for us to roll out of bed. The really odd thing was that it was the same guy there morning and night. Because I am a woman I probed him for his life story. This man shows up at the crack of dawn, works until after lunch, goes home and takes his wife to lunch and then comes back to finish out the evening shift. The shocker….he has been doing that every day since 1988! What? I was, well lets skip revealing my age but lets just say I wasn’t old enough to work yet. Not only was this man faithful to his job but he was a faithful servant to his wife. He left every single day to take her to lunch. He didn’t go in to any other detail, there was a slight language barrier but I had enough information to be very impressed with this man and realize that I complain too much. My husband and I both have the luxury of having our offices in our home and we both have extremely flexible schedules. We also make enough money to be comfortable and get to do things with our family on our time off. Spoiled or blessed, it’s up for debate. My husband works very hard for our family to make sure that we have our needs and hopefully every once in a while some of our wants. The concierge at our hotel this week works for his families need, his wife’s lunches 😉 and hopefully some of their wants. Have you ever heard the story of Jacobs hard work? Jacob worked for Laban for 14 years and did not get paid a dime. He committed the first 7 years to him in exchange for Labans daughters hand in marriage. Jacob was enamored with Sarah and would do anything to be with her. He met her at a well near the city of Haran and rolled a rather large rock from the well so that she could water her sheep. I’m assuming this was an extremely romantic gesture at that time. After he had worked for Laban for 7 years, his wedding day to Sarah had finally arrived. Laban was a shady character and tricked Jacob into marrying his other daughter Leah instead of Sarah. Apparently they put a heavy veil over Leah’s face and didn’t revel that it was her until it was too late for Jacob. That must have been an uneventful wedding night. Jacobs heart must have been crushed. Laban then told Jacob that if he finished out the marriage week (week of partying) with Leah, then he could marry Sarah immediately following the end of the week. There was a catch of course. Jacob would have to work for Laban for free for another 7 years! Seriously! Jacob loved Sarah so much that he agreed. And so it was. On a side note, Jacobs mom and Laban were brother and sister. Yes, Jacob was married to two of his cousins. And I thought my family was strange. Now, I know that my husband loves me and we have stood by each other through some of the worst things that a marriage could ever face but I know without a doubt that my husband would not work for free for 14 years straight just to be with me. You may think that love conquers all and that he should work for free for an endless amount of time to be with me but I’m really not that great to begin with. Would you be that dedicated? The concierge at our hotel was extremely dedicated to his wife and his job but I bet he wouldn’t be that dedicated if the hotel wasn’t paying him. My husband works his rear off for his business but I know that he wouldn’t do it for free. My job pays me fairly well and I’m not even close to being as dedicated to it as Jacob was to working for Laban. Maybe we should be. There is a verse that reads “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men,” Colossians 3:23. It doesn’t say work for cold hard cash, bonuses, fame, trips, fancy cars or any thing else. I says work for the Lord. Come on God, we really worship the false gods of “things” and will work so hard to get them. Who are you working for today? It doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home parent or the CEO of a large corporation, everything you do should be to glorify the Lord and everything you do matters. Let pray “Generous Father, thank you for giving us the opportunities to provide for out families needs and sometimes give them their wants. Help me to remember that my real job is to be your hands and feet and to glorify You in everything that I do. In Jesus name, amen.” The concierge in the hotel made sure that we didn’t lift a finger for anything that we wanted. I offered to kick all my kids out of my house if he would agree to move in

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