Laugh It Off

I have a pretty dry sense of humor and tend to make light of every situation even when its a little uncalled for. I cant help but to crack a joke, especially if its at my own expense. I find myself having to explain my behavior more often than not. For example I just posted on my church’s market days facebook event that I would be selling my triplets in the market days sale. Of course I’m not really selling them, they’re free, I would never rip someone off like that. I realized that I had just posted my children for sale on a site where there are 500+ of my church members as well as my pastor and I’m sure not every one of them gets my humor. I will also do anything to embarrass my oldest daughter and my sister when we are out in public. We like to play the “nobody smile” game or the “awkward” game. They have to sit still and keep a straight face while I try my hardest to make them laugh. When they feel totally uncomfortable with whatever I am doing they can yell “awkward” and I have to stop, or at least I’m supposed to stop. When I get desperate to win the game I can pull out some pretty awful dance moves that I know for sure will make the girls scream “AWKWARD!”. My sister can hold out longer than my daughter but its funny when its your big sister doing it and its just plain humiliating when its your mom! Goofing off is my therapy. Just a few minutes ago I text a picture to my sister of my sitting on the toilet, fully dressed and not really using the restroom but it was funny anyways and I knew she would laugh. I actually had to get one of my 5 year old triplets out of bed to help me take the picture, I mean I need the right angle for it to be effective and couldn’t pull it off by myself. I have countless pictures on my phone of me doing something silly because I love to randomly text them to my friends throughout the day. I have an app on my phone that will turn any person in a picture in to a zombie, it’s hilarious. I turned myself in to a zombie and I accidentally text it to my daughters pediatrician instead of my friend, “awkward!”. Have you ever noticed how serious Jesus looks in all of the illustrations of Him? He is always so serious, always healing someone, reaching His hand out to someone in need or with His head bowed in prayer. Do you think that Jesus ever had a belly laugh? You know, the kind of laugh where you can;t catch your breath. The kind of laugh when you are trying to talk and can;t get the words out. The kind of laugh where you get the hiccups from not being able to breath. I do. I think that when He became human to walk among us He gave Himself all of the qualities of being human. Can you picture Jesus and His disciples hiking through the raw land and Peter accidentally trips and wipes out. I can almost guarantee that Jesus lost it in a fit of laughter watching Peter roll to the ground. Plus, Jesus could do some pretty crazy things and I think that a time or two he used His super powers to pull of some hilarious pranks on the disciples. Can you picture them sitting down to a huge, beautiful meal and then all of the sudden Jesus turns it into something disgusting like a plate of frogs (gag, I almost just threw up typing the word). Can you see Him laughing out loud and yelling “Just kidding, I’ll turn it back”. I bet he was funny. We know He was a healer, our savior, a saint and so much more but He was human while He was here so that we could relate to Him. I want to see a picture of Him buckled over in the middle of a belly laugh. Maybe a picture of Jesus pointing at Peter sprawled out on the ground after a fall with a huge smile on his face. Thinking about Jesus this way make it easier for me to pray. I talk to Him the same way that I talk to my friends except with out the foul language. Jesus was human. He wants to know you on that level. He to hear us laugh as much as He loves to hear us pray. He loves to hear us laugh as much as He loves to watch us heal. He loves to hear us laugh as much as He loves to watch us testify. He is your savior. He is your healer. He is your guide but most of all He is your friend. Talk to Him. Lean on Him. Call out to Him. Laugh with Him. I have heard God talk to me many many time but I’m working hard on making Him yell “Awkward”. Let pray “Sweet Father thank you for the ability to laugh at ourselves and laugh with You. Help us to remember that You came to walk with us in person so that we could know who You are. You came to us in human form and sacrificed Your heavenly life so that You could save us, heal us and relate to us. I can’t wait for the day that we get to play “awkward” with you in heaven, I bet you always win. In Jesus name, amen.” I don’t recommend taking a picture of yourself on the toilet or anywhere else in the bathroom for that matter but if you do please enlist the help of a friend. Those pictures that everyone post of themselves in the mirror of their bathroom so that they can have a picture of themselves makes me yell “awkward”, just don’t do it people.

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