Beautiful Scars

“So you must change your hearts and lives! Come back to God, and he will forgive your sins. Then the Lord will send the time of rest.” Acts 3:19

This weekend was full of wonderful blessings for my family. My oldest got to spend the weekend with her wonderful daddy and the rest of the girls, daddy and I went to a river water park near our home and spent the day splashing in the water. We got to sleep in and we went to the grocery store all together to stock up for the week. The little girls woke up before daddy on Fathers Day and made him cards and pictures and patiently waited for him to wake up. When he finally came in to the kitchen our oldest triplet grabbed a coffee cup off of the counter (one we have had for years) and told him that she got him the coffee cup for Fathers Day. The sweetest part was that my husband acted surprised and acted as though it was the most amazing gift he has ever received. My daughter was beaming with pride as they made coffee together. At the end of the day when we all got in to our beds my husband told me how thankful he was that God let us keep our marriage and how in love he is with our family. Its is one of the greatest examples of forgiveness that I have ever seen in my life and I can’t believe how quickly God gave it to us. We both forgave each other for what happened in our marriage and God healed the wounds and let us move on. This weekend was a wonderful reminder of Gods grace and mercy on us. Something else happened this weekend that made me stop and take a different look at forgiveness and grace. On Friday my daughter brought in the mail and handed me an envelope with my name on it. It had my maiden name and married name on it which I haven’t seen in a long time. I opened it up to a two page typed letter to me. Out of respect for the author of the letter I cant reveal exactly what it said but to sum it up it was a letter full of forgiveness, mercy and grace. The letter was about 25 years over due. Many years ago while I was trying to fit in and find my way, I didn’t stop to consider others paths and what they were going through and I deeply hurt this person without even realizing the damage that I had done. The letter wasn’t to tell me what a jerk I am or was but it was a letter asking for my forgiveness for the author of the letter. They told me that they had held resentful feelings for me this whole time and just now realized that I had struggles back then too. It might be a little confusing because I am trying my best not to turn the letter into something that is not private and sacred between me and the person who sent it to me. Since I became a believer in Christ and received His forgiveness for the things that I had done and will do, I just assumed I was free of the sins. I wasn’t, and not only was I not free of them, neither were those who I had sinned against. It’s a little easier when you know your sin, you know who you sinned against and you can see them face to face and ask for their forgiveness. What about those who you don’t see. What about those that you scarred many years ago and the pain is still real for them. We don’t just need Gods forgiveness, that’s something much easier to obtain than getting the forgiveness of those you have sinned against. It is by the grace of God that this person had enough courage to tell me that I had hurt them so many years ago and that they still held resentment against me for it. It is even more amazing that they ask for my forgiveness of them for hanging on to the hurt. How merciful can God be? Do we settle for getting Gods forgiveness and think that is enough? I thought that it was enough until my daughter checked the mail on Friday and I found out that I had left a scar on someone. The beauty of it is, He gave both of us the opportunity to ask for forgiveness from each other and allowed us to receive it. Oh amazing and wonderful heavenly Father, thank you! We need to stop and realize that we each have our own scars. We have all fought our own demons. We all struggle every single day to be better, to heal, to forgive, to forget and we are all left with scars. I have a scar over my left eye from a girl fight I got in to when I was three years old. I have a scar on my leg where I dropped the curling iron in 7th grade. I have a scar on my leg from where my cousin stabbed me with a bic pen, on purpose. I have countless scars on my stomach where it made room for three angels. I have a scar lining the bottom of my belly where a doctor took out three babies in four minutes flat. I have a scar from a divorce. I have a scar from a man whom I thought loved me but couldn’t stop loving other women as well. I have a scar from an absent and screwed up father. I have a scar from my fathers suicide. I have a scar from a nearly broken marriage.. I have a scar from a woman that did her best to invade my home and tear apart my family. My friends letter to me this weekend made me love my scars. It made me see them as something beautiful. Without them who would I be? Without them I wouldn’t have sympathy, I wouldn’t have a testimony, I wouldn’t have a message. I pray that the amazing and courageous person who bravely put that letter in the mailbox will allow me to call them friend someday. Lets pray “Gracious and loving Father thank you for healing our hearts and leaving us with beautiful scars. Help us to seek out those that we have hurt and find forgiveness from them as we have found forgiveness from You. Let us be courageous to ask for forgiveness and give forgiveness. In Jesus name, amen.”. What’s it going to take to turn your scars into something beautiful? There’s lotions, potions and surgery but the only thing that can turn them into a thing of amazing beauty is God.

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