16 And Pregnant

I have a guilty pleasure. Here goes. I watch 16 and Pregnant all the time. There was a marathon on the other day, my husband was less than thrilled. I caught an episode that I hadn’t seen before, shocker! I think that it was the first episode that ever aired. The little girl, Maria, was only 14 and as naive as could be. She had the sweetest boyfriend but had not had sex with him yet, opps, guess she was going to have some explaining to do. Her and her best friend Gabe went to the store and got the pregnancy test together. She slowly walked out of the bathroom with the test in her a hand and had a seriously shocked look on her face. Gabe knew what the result was going to be before she even came out. He comforted her and told her that everything was going to be okay. They had a long, long talk about what she was going to tell her boyfriend Joey. Maria sat Joey down and with the support of Gabe, told him that she was pregnant. She was sobbing, scared and desperate for some sort of support. Now, I’ve written about how wonderful my husband is and how sweet my boyfriend was when I was her age but I can guarantee that neither one of them would have stuck around for that. Joey swallowed his pride, told her that it was going to be okay and said that he would marry her. WHAT! What kind of kid was this guy. Who are his parents and could I please get some parenting lessons from the. That’s a boy that my girls can date. Not only had he not tried to have sex with her but he agreed to make her an honest women when he found out that she was pregnant with some other guys baby, DANG! The other people around her weren’t so gracious and soon Maria and Joey ended up basically homeless. No one opened up there home to them. They were teenagers for crying out loud, some one give them some support!. Maria ended up giving birth to her son in a back woods motel under very rough conditions. What a sad little way that our Savior was brought into the world. He is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lord, the Son of God and He was born to a teenage girl who was homeless and giving birth to Him in a barn. It makes my stay in a private suit in a clean hospital look like paradise. I came home from the hospital with a brand new electrical breast bump to help me feed three babies at once. I had my mom,sister and husband here to help with feedings, bathing, changing and rocking. My bedroom was set up with everything that I needed right at my finger tips and if it wasn’t here my husband went to go get it right away. We had three beautiful new cribs, two rocking chairs, sweet little decorations and packages upon packages of diapers. Can you imagine what Mary and Joseph went through will trying to care for the Messiah! Wow, the pressure! I guess you could call me a spoiled brat because I would be complaining the whole way through. God gave me all of these little girls to take care of. They are not mine, they are His and He can take them back whenever He feels like it so I better humble myself and soak up every minute while I can. I don’t deserve these five healthy, beautiful and sweet little girls but God graced my husband and I with them anyways. I’m not sure why He picked us to be their parents but because of what He did through Mary, I’m pretty sure He knows what He is doing. I’ll be the first to admit that I get tired and grouchy and can get a little snippy with the kids. Wha, Wha! We have it made compared to what sweet Mary had to go through in order to delivery our Savior to us. So we are a little tired from work, hot from the summertime, sore from our workout (ok that one doesn’t pertain to me but Im sure some of yall can relate), and flat out selfish and need “me time”. Suck it up. Mary tracked through rugged rough ground and she wasn’t wearing Nikes. She poured sweat from the direct heat of the beating sun and she didn’t have an air conditioner. Sore from a work out…Mary and Joseph carried everything that they owned on their backs and Mary carried our King in her womb at the same time. When did we get so spoiled? Honestly, sometimes I complain about having to get to church by 9am to teach Sunday school. I want to lay in bed all day. Well cry me a river! I should leap out of bed and thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve Him through the little angels that He lets us teach. I should spend every free moment that I have on my knees praising and giving thanks to the blessings and conveniences that He pours out on me. I should be seeking every opportunity that I can find to serve His great name instead of complaining that doing so is cutting in to “me time”. I’m lame! I’m a half hearted servant. I’m a “on my time” volunteer for the Lord. Someone slap me, shake me, kick me and whatever else it takes to get the me out of me. Lets pray “Merciful Father thank you for letting me borrow five of your angels and help me to never take that gift for granted. Please knock me on the ground and crush my ego when I seem to feel entitled to the blessings that you allow us to have. Open my eyes to the opportunities to serve You and take away my need to spoil myself instead of You. Humble me before Your great name. IN Jesus name, amen.” I’d love to chat some more but I’ve had my show on pause this whole time and I’m dying to see what Maria and Joeys baby accomplishes.

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