Angels Among Us

The greatest blessing that has come out of W3 is the amazing testimonies that I receive from friends. This is a testimony from my dear friend and the fuel behind W3. I love you S.

It is never to late to seek a relationship with God….. I am a mother of 5, one happens to be an angel, yes my children have their own personal angel. at times I wonder what it would have been like to have raised that angel here on earth? to be honest at times I have wondered why God planned this for me…I was raised to believe in God, to believe that he loves us all, to believe that he wants the best for us, and that he never leaves our side. I will share one of several times that I questioned God’s love.
40 weeks into my pregnancy I had an appointment to make sure all was well. Now I can not remember what happened minute to minute, you see it’s been almost 24 years but I do remember going to the appointment, I remember having the nurse come in and put that cold wet gel on my stomach. I remember her trying to find the babies heart beat and had concerns that it was to slow. I remember her asking me if I could drive myself to the hospital. Driving to the hospital and waiting to be seen by the doctor seemed to be normal, I didn’t think of anything being wrong. It wasn’t until the Doctor said we need to get the baby out and fast. I remember being asked if I could sign paperwork in the event of any complications with the emergency C-section. I remember being asked who was with me, I remember being shaved, and I remember an operating room. I cant remember anything after that until I woke up. In the recovery room is where I was told that the baby was in the Neonatal ICU. Within the next 4 days, I was questioning Gods love, his so called plan and where was he when I needed him.
I know I have questioned him before, but it was with anger now. By the 4th day, I remember being in my room, I was told by the doctor that my babies condition is showing no improvement and would have to be hooked up to a machine to continue life. Yes, I remember being asked if I wanted to keep my baby on life support or pull the plug…..
Within hours we found ourselves giving this gift back to God.
“Separation is the Law of the Earth, Reunion is the Law of the Heavens”
I was told over and over that God has a plan for each of us. There were many days I wished I could have changed the plan he had for me. If I knew that his next plan was to have me divorced during the pregnancy of my 3rd child, I would have asked him to change the chapter. There are many other chapters of my life that I would have like to changed but If I did I would not be here where I am now.
I have recently begun to seek a closer relationship with God, even after leaving the church for several years, God has never left me, He has always been near me, waiting for me to call out his name. I now call out his name in praise daily. I never feel alone and do not fear any future chapters of my life because I have God on my side…so whom or what shall I fear?

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