I Am Super Lazy

Where I live it is super hot in the summer. Even with my air conditioner on full blast in my house I still have to put a fan on me while I put my makeup on. As soon as I walk out the door sweat starts pouring down my face and there goes the makeup. You can forget about doing your hair. I promise it will be flat within 30 minutes of being outside. Some people joke that you can fry an egg on the sidewalk. I’ve never tried it put I bet it can be done. We live in a very old house. The add on part of it is our bedroom and my favorite room in the house. The down side is that when they did the add on the didn’t do the best job with the central air conditioner. My husband installed a wall unit in our room to help out with the minimal air conditioning that comes through unit in our room. I also have an oscillating fan in front of the wall unit to give it an extra boost. I complained to my husband several times this weekend about how hot our room is during the summer. I saw him run a cold soda can over his head to cool himself off but he wont admit that the wall unit isn’t cutting it in this heat. All of our girls rooms are as cool as can be. It’s tempting to switch rooms with them. Today consisted of driving the whole two minutes to church, getting tacos, teaching Sunday school in a beautiful air conditioned room and then sitting through service in our huge beautiful and very comfortable worship center. When we got home my husband went to the convenience store and got us some goodies for the day. This morning I got a call from my mom asking if I wanted to drive out to her house and have dinner but I turned her down because I “just wanted to sit around and be lazy today”. I spent a good hour on the phone with my sister talking about nonsense like acne and oreos. As I was sitting on my bed today in minimal clothing with the fan pointed directly on me pushing the air conditional selfishly in my direction, I got an email from a friend. My dear friend is a million miles from home serving the Lord. She has packed up her husband and three kids and moved to Nicaragua to give dental work to children as well as help build a better community for them. Here is part of her email:

Need some prayers of encouragement. I’m really homesick. I’m tired. Nothing is easy here. And it’s been compiling and I’m ready to throw in the towel. I miss home. I miss family. I miss not sweating 24/7. Prayers that Satan doesn’t get this day. Prayers that my heart wouldn’t be so sad.

Well, what a selfish,lazy bum I am. I am sitting a few miles away from my parents and all of my siblings and don’t take advantage of that as often as I should because I want to be lazy in the comfort of my own home. I have a well built, beautiful and very comfortable home and I am complaining about its one flaw. I have the convenience of bagged ice, sodas, fruit,chips, beef jerky, candy, toilet paper, ice cream, band aides, aspirin, lottery tickets and countless other luxuries literally a minute from my home and I am complaining. Selfish and spoiled is the only explanation that I have. My friend is serving the Lord is conditions that we cant even fathom. She is so far from her family and it is a treat to get to just speak to them. Her children are away from the spoils that our children take so easily for granted. She sweats in her sleep, sweats at work, sweats as she walks, talks and just breathes. She is exhausted. I know how tired I am at the end of the days work and I’m just a sales rep for a food company. I get to spend most of my time in my car or nice restaurants. This woman spends her time each day working outside in the blazing heat fixing peoples teeth. I couldn’t stomach being a dentist here in the states in a clean nice office, much less in the blazing heat with minimal equipment. She has scorpions, frogs, gnats, flies, mosquitoes, ants and countless other creatures in her house, in her work space where she eats and where she sleeps. She has been over there for a while now and this is the first time that I have received a desperate prayer request from her. Every other prayer request is for the people around her but this time she asked for herself. I know that she counts her blessings daily. I know that she feels blessed to get the opportunity to move to another country and serve the Lord. She is a true daughter of God and I proudly call her my sister in Christ. I think that I will think twice when I start to complain about my AC, job, drive to my parents or any other thing that I take for granted each day. Are we counting our blessings or are we just complain to God about the things that we want or think we need. I am guilty of asking for the things that I want instead of thanking Him for allowing me to live out His will and not mine. I have to make a commitment to myself today to stop being so lazy and selfish and to start living for God a little louder than I do now. Lets pray “Father, thank you for providing all of our needs and spoiling us with more of our wants as well. Please send the cool wind to our sister and her family as they work to be Your hands and feet. I know that we shouldn’t ask for spoils but please send her family something extra and special that they are to wonderful to ask for. Mold my heart to be more like her families hearts. Give me a servants heart. Help me to be more like You and less like me. In Jesus name, amen.” This same silly woman knows how much I hate frogs so she seem to think that its pretty funny to send me pictures and notes about the mass amounts of huge disgusting frogs that she comes across. She suffers from trypophobia, it’s a fear of small clusters of holes. I am posting this picture in her honor and for a little revenge.

“Be strong and of good courage, do not be afraid or dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

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