A Message From my W3 Sister

My sweet sister in Christ and W3 inspiration sent me this sweet note.  I love her.

My son is graduating May 26, turns 18th on June 5th and starts college in the fall. He plans to get his own place within the next 6 months or so. Amazing that they grow up so quickly!…I’m 36 years old and because of financial reasons I am moving back into my Mothers house. WOW! I have been away from home since I turned 17. A year ago this Feb. I had a bad accident and was out of work for about five months. I really thought that I had experienced difficult times in my life up until now. I’m having trouble keeping up with my monthly bills along with all the medical bills that have piled up. Its gotten so bad that my son has had to take a few of his paychecks to help. That is not how it is suppose to be, your kids helping to pay bills! It angers me so much even though I had no control over my accident and everything happens for a reason right? I’m juggling money day to day and when I applied for aid for my sons tuition, I was told I made too much money! Unbelievable how that could be possible.I feel as though I have lost everything that I have accomplished over the last 17 yrs and I wonder what other people say about me, in their eyes am I a failure?? In my sons eyes am I a failure?? But then you know what…I lie down every night and pray to my God. My Father knows me, knows my faith, my love, my hard work. And right now he is asking me to swallow my pride and move back home. And before I ask why, I think twice! Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s hard not to. I’m having to give up a lot of material things, but he will be sure that I have a warm roof for my son and myself and food on the table. Thats all we need ladies…God, family & Faith!…I know this now!

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