Pray Out Loud

When our triplets were born my husbands job at that time required him to travel. He would be home for three days and then gone for ten. I was a single mom with my oldest daughter from the day she was born and I thought that was hard. Being a single mom of three infants while my husband traveled was as close to death as I could get. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that I got to be there mother and that they were perfect, healthy infants but feeding all three all night long and then having to get my oldest ready and off to school was terrible. I once hallucinated that I was feeding them until I snapped out of it and realized I was sitting on the couch and they were crying in their cribs. Thats the one time I had to call for back up. I had to sleep. My sweet husband began to break out in hives at this time, but only when he was traveling. The stress of being away from our girls and not being able to help me became to much for him. Our breaking point was on December 16, 2006. Our triplets were about three months old and all three came down with upper respiratory infections. I was home, he was in another state. I packed up all of the girls. I had three car seat carriers (which I carried all at one time) and the biggest diaper bag that was ever made, plus my 6 year old daughter. We packed up and headed to the emergency room. My husband frantically tried to get to the airport. He was snowed in and couldn’t get a flight out until the next day. The hospital had to admit one of the girls due to pneumonia and told me to take the others home. Ya right. I had my ex husband come help me. He showed up and brought whatever I needed for the night and took our oldest home with him. I set up a hospital bed next to my daughters hospital bed and then put two chairs on the other side of my bed to set the other two triplets in, inside their car seat carriers. I must have looked like a mess. We made it through the night and daddy showed up the next morning. He quit his job that day. He took two triplets home and I stayed in the hospital with the other triplet for the next 5 days. Since it was Christmas the hospital had people visiting the kids and singing to them. When they got to our room and started singing to my baby tears started streaming down my face. When they were done singing they gave me a stocking for her and left. A minute later a woman that had been singing with them came back in to my room. She came up to up to me, grabbed my hand and said “I think that I need to pray for you”. I have no idea what she prayed but I know that I needed it. At that time I wasn’t comfortable praying out loud or having someone pray for me but I wasn’t about to turn her away at that moment. I know that it took a women with great faith and love to come back to that room and pray for a woman that she didn’t know. Back then that was something that I would have never done, now it’s completely normal for me (thank You God). Have you ever felt the need to go up to a stranger and pray out loud for them? What holds us back? I know that I sometimes fear that the person that I want to pray for wont accept it or isn’t a believer. That’s exactly who God wants us to pray for. I didn’t deserve that woman’s prayers but she did it anyways. She didn’t know my faith, she didn’t know if I was a nut job or a faithful atheist. She didn’t care. She saw a woman sitting there with tears in her eyes, holding her sick baby and she knew in her heart what I needed, even if I didn’t. Jesus didn’t seek out faithful believers, good Christians, do gooders. He look for those in need of His prayer and touch. We should be doing the same. Its great to pray with your church family and in fellowship with other believers but I want to go out of my comfort zone and pray for those who least expect it, don”t want it, don’t think they need it or just don’t know about it. That’s what we are called to do. Let’s do it. Lets “surprise pray” for someone today. Pray out loud for a random stranger that looks like they might need or want it. Take a chance. Lets pray “Father, give us the courage and strength to go out today and be Your hands and feet. Take us to those who need to hear about You and need to hear Your word out loud today. Take away any fear that we might have so that we can get out and do Your work. In Jesus name, amen”. After my husband took two of the triplets home he called me to tell me how easy it was just having two babies to take care of. I had one baby, an entire staff to care for my daughter, a 4 full nights of sleep and a Starbucks down the hall. He’s lucky we came home!

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