There Will Be A Day

I’ve been messaging with a friend and we keep talking about passing on, same friend that started the blessing journal with me. It got me thinking (watch out!). We mourn when a loved one passes. We mourn for ourselves. How are we going to go one without them? Why would this happen to me? Why would God do this? We don’t want to go to a restaurant that reminds us of them. We don’t want to smell a smell, hear a song, say their name or anything else that might twist the knife in our sorrow. When my dad died I played “There Will Be A Day” by Jeremy Camp at his funeral. I also played the song nonstop in my car when I was alone. I woke up in the middle of the night with it playing in my head. I have to admit that after 6 months I still have a hard time listening to it. I’ve stopped reading his autopsy (yes, I’m crazy), I’ve stopped smelling his shirt, I’ve stopped going through his brief case but I cant stop listening to that song. Dang you Jeremy Camp!! Why do we torture ourselves this way? We are morning the greatest moment in someones existence, the day that they get to go to the Lord. We should rejoice, cheer, throw a party. We should be jealous. We are only sad for ourselves because I can guarantee you that the loved one that passed wouldn’t come back to be with us for anything. They are in the kingdom of heaven, at the feet of our Father, singing with the angels, talking to Jesus. I don’t know about you but I would trade everything that I have to be where they are. I think that when I get to heaven God is going to give me the relationship with my dad that I always dreamed of, I cant wait! God is going to give my dad the ability to truly love me, to ability to be honest with me, the ability to provide for me, the ability to be still with me. I cant wait! I’m choosing to rejoices for my dad instead of feel sorry for him and for me. I’m choosing to be thankful that he is with our Father and not here on earth where he lived a tortured life. I’m choosing to talk to him everyday like he is the father that I wanted and needed because I know that now, where he is, he can be. I know that my sweet friends father is now being the father to her in heaven that he couldn’t be here on earth. He is running around next to her and her boys, walking them into school, walking with her to work, walking with the boys, walking with her and happier than he has ever been. When she gets to heaven to be with him I bet that God lets them walk together in the most beautiful garden because while he was here on earth he was confined to a wheelchair, but now he walks. Tonight lets just pray a pray of thanks. “Thank you sweet Father for Your grace and mercy, amen.”

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