Daddy’s Home!

My husband got back home last night from being out of town for a few days. While he was gone our daughters asked for him constantly. They asked why he was taking so long, why is he so far away, is it Thursday yet and of course ,can I sleep in your bed while he’s gone. Whenever I would get on to them they would tell me that they wanted daddy. Yeah yeah, me too!. While he was gone I conveniently had a lot of early morning meeting scheduled which made the mornings a rush. It’s a big task getting all these kids off to school by myself, especially my sweet little autistic daughter. Normally she will only let mommy handle her melt down but of course this week she would throw herself on the floor and cry for her daddy. It was like taking a Zumba class every morning. By the time I got all the kids to school I was a sweating mess. Then I would have to pack my day into a few hours so that I would be able to pick all the girls up from school. It didn’t get any easier once we got home for the day. Getting dinner together and everyone bathed was another Zumba class. Much to my relief, I got a text from my husband yesterday afternoon letting me know that he was on his way home. YIPPIE!!! When we pulled up to our house after getting ice cream, dads car was in the driveway. There was an explosion of screams and laughter from lots of little girls in my car. All them were yelling out to him and trying to get out of their seat faster than the sister next to them. The door swung open and a waterfall of girls poured out. We all ran to daddy. I’m going to go ahead a confess that I may or may not have pushed a 5 year old out of the way so that I could get to my husband faster. We were whole again. We were a complete family again. Thank you God for bringing him back safely and quickly. I wonder if that is what it will be like when we finally reach heaven. I know from a recent letter that I received that when we pass several angels in white robes come to take us home. God allows children to see His angels. When we get taken up to heaven are we talking nonstop to the angels? “Whats taken my Father so long?”. “Why is He so far away?”. Are we asking them their names, how they became angels, how many angels are there and anything else we can dream up. I know that just like my little girls cried out for there daddy, I too cry out for mine. I don’t cry out for my earthly father, I cry out for my heavenly Father. I would love to be able to throw myself on the floor and cry out for my Father when I was having a rough morning like my autistic daughter. Maybe that’s what I should be doing. Maybe I should be throwing myself on the floor and cry out to Him. I pray. I beg. I bargain. I ask. I cry. Very rarely to I lower myself to the floor, mostly because I stink at vacuuming, and cry out to God that I just simply want Him. Nothing specific, I just want Him. I’m too busy needing something from Him instead of just needing Him. I seem to always add a stipulation. The thing is, all we eve need is just Him. He knows how to handle the rest, we don’t need to tell Him. I have been trying my best to just pray “Your will not mine” whenever I start to talk to Him about what I want. Do you ask for certain things out of Him. Do you ask for your wants? I do and I don’t like it. Lets challenge ourselves today to simply ask Him for His will and not ours and lets see what He has in store for us. I promise whatever He has planned is much better than anything that we could ever dream up. Lets pray “Sweet heavenly Father Your will be done and not ours. When I lose myself in what I want out of life please remind me that You always have the best plan for me and give me peace and strength to follow it. Teach me to throw myself on the floor and cry out to You instead of calmly sitting in my seat passively asking You for something. In Jesus name, amen”. Once we got all the kiddos settle in, my husband and I were so excited to get to spend some time together. We put on a movie, grabbed each others hand and passed right out. We are a pretty wild couple!

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