My Brother’s in The Guinness Book of World Records!

The first time that I vividly remember crying out to God was in elementary school. My brother and I were at a horse ranch with two of his friends. One of his friend and I went off to play on the the thing that you latch the horse to and it walks around in circles. I’m sure my Texas friends are screaming because I don’t know what the heck that thing is called. Its called the walk around thingy, right? I stood on one side and my friend stood on the other and we each grabbed the pole above us. We ran at full speed and then lift our legs and spun around. For some reason my friend let go during one of the spins and the entire walk around thingy flipped over and landed on top of me. I remember my friend trying to pull it off and yelling for my brother and his brother to come help us. In true brother fashion, my brother thought he was in the middle of setting a world record by walking on top of a fence on a corral and he was not about to give that up to save my life. I was crying and I remember saying to God “please don’t let me die, please don’t let me die.” Now looking back I am positive that I wasn’t near death but it seemed like it at the time. After winning the world record the boys came over to help and pulled the walk around thingy off of me. I lived! God had spared my life! The tragedy was that I don’t remember crying out to Him again for several more years. Sporadically throughout the years I would cry out to Him but only when I needed something. I begged Him for things that I needed only when I needed them but never gave Him anything in return. Funny thing is, He was always there when I cried out and the fact that I never gave Him any of myself didn’t make Him leave me. I would have left someone who treated me that way but not Him. His love for me was and is unconditional and never ending. It’s similar to when the Israelites obeyed Gods word and concurred the Promise Land. Then slowly they started to see that the Canaanites had it going on and were living a sinful life that seemed so appealing. They started to act the way that the Cannanites did and soon the Israelites were concurred both spiritually and culturally. God sent an angel to the Israelites to tell them that He would no longer keep His end of the covenant that He had with them since they had not kept their end. Ouch, not good, not good at all! So, the Israelites cried out to God, begged for forgiveness and He once again gave them the golden opportunity of being His people. I’m not sure the exact number but I do know that this happened several times between God and the Israelites. It was kind of a break up, make up thing. It reminds me of how I treated God for so long. I would give Him thanks for sparing me and giving me things that I never deserved but then I would turn my back on Him and live my life the way that I wanted. I wanted to be able to sin and then have God there when I needed him to save me. Selfish and ignorant is the only way that I can explain it. We can not live our lives in sin and then expect God to do the things that we ask of Him. He has a covenant with you and in order for Him to honor it, you must honor it too. Yes, we all slip, we all fall short but we are forgiven and because we have been given that gift it is our responsibility to honor God. At the end of the day I try to look over my day and see where I missed the mark. How many cuss words “accidentally” flew out of my mouth. How many sinful, lustful thoughts made their way into my head. How many times did I do something that I knew was not honorable to God. Sometimes its countless and I just want to hit the reset button. The thing is, I’m not just accountable to myself at the end of the day. I’m accountable to God, my husband, my daughters, my sisters, my brothers and everyone that has a place in my life. Its not about me, never has been, never will be. Its about glorify my heavenly Father and teaching the ones around me how to use their lives to glorify Him as well. When we say the word disciples we tend to think of old men walking with Jesus, in a robe and sandals, well at least that’s what I think of. We don’t always think of ourselves when we think about disciples but we should, that’s what we are. Its kind of scary. What a huge responsibility we have but a responsibility that I would never give up. I have a challenge for you today. Wait, don’t go anywhere, sit back down. Its not a hard challenge, I promise. Write the word disciple down on something. Write it on a post it note and stick it in your visor, write it on your hand, write it on your day planner, write it on your school book, I don’t care where, just write it down. Take a look at it as often as you can throughout the day and remind yourself that it is your responsibility to honor God and to teach others about him. Lets pray ” Faithful and loving Father, thank you for never giving up on me the way that I so often gave up on myself. Walk with me today while I challenge myself to be Your disciple every minute of the day. Put Your hand over my mouth when I dont have the right words to say and block the negative thoughts as they fight their way in to my head. Help me to be a better teacher, mother, wife, daughter and sister. In Your sweet sons name, amen. ” Guinness Book Of World Records never contacted my brother about his amazing walk around the corral but he still talks about it as if they did. I’m sure he could make it in the book, I mean how many other people have attempted that challenge? He’s a shoo in! If you happen to see me today and I have the word DISCIPLE written in black sharpie on my forehead please just smile and nod. If you decide to take the challenge snap a picture of where you wrote it and post it for us. Lets see how creative we can get.

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