I installed a pool by myself

Yesterday I bought my girl one of those cheap pools at Target. My husband is out of town so I really needed something to keep them occupied. Taking care of all of them by myself can be a little exhausting, I cant wait for him to get home. I lugged out the air compressor, blew up the pool, filled it with water and you would have thought that i had taken the kids to Disney World. They were playing and laughing uncontrollably. Even my big girl had a blast. The pool is literally about three feet deep ,if that. While they were splashing around, my youngest triplet yelled “This is the best day of my life.” Geez, I guess I haven’t done the best job showing them fun entertainment. I’m choosing to feel thankful that she considers playing in a blow up pool with her sisters the best day of her life. Whats the best day of your life? I’d like to say that it was the birth of my kids or my wedding day but it’s not. The best day of my life is the day that my husband gave his life to Christ. Of course the birth of my children was amazing and marrying my husband was fantastic but I was sure that my husband would never accept Christ so when he did it was the best. We were sitting in church and he turned to me and said “will you go down there with me?”, What!!! I think I must have grabbed his and ran to our pastor. I couldn’t help but to cry while he said the prayer giving his life over to Christ. This means more than just him going to church with us on Sundays, teaching the kids bible study, teaching Sunday school or anything else that came along with the day he gave his life. This means that my daughters and I will get to spend eternity with him. It means that he is forgiven of his sins. It means that he now lets God lead him through life instead of wandering aimlessly. That day is the best day of my life because it means that my family will always be together either here on earth or in heaven with our Father. For some reason I always think about Mary and how she would feel and handle some of the life situations that I come across. I wonder what her best day was. Was it the day that her son was crucified on the cross. Sounds odd but maybe she breathed a sigh of relief knowing that her son was finally with His Father. Maybe she breathed a sigh of relief that Jesus would no longer be beaten, accused and hunted. It might have been that day, I don’t know for sure. Her best day also could have been three days after her sons crucifixion. The day that she learned that her son was no longer in the grave. She must have had a crooked little smile that day, a “told you so” smile. When everyone started buzzing around talking about Jesus leaving the grave, she must have swelled with pride, a kind of “that’s my son” type of pride. I obviously don’t know what her best day was but I think that it was also her scariest day. I think it was the day that the Angel Gabriel told her that she would have a son, Gods son. YIKES! Wha Wha What did you just say! Mary replied to Gabriel “I am the Lord’s servant, May it be to me as you have said.” Ya I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have been my reaction. I think that was her best day. At that moment she knew that she would be going to heaven to spend eternity with her son and heavenly Father. Whats your best day? Is there someone in your life that you want for them to give their life to Christ? Do not sit by and wait. Grab their hand and rush them down to your pastor. I had given up on my husband ever finding Christ. If you think that your loved one will never go to church with you much less give their life over to the Lord then I want you to read something. When the Angel Gabriel was explaining to Mary what was going on, he told her “For nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37. When he said nothing, he meant absolutely nothing! That includes softening even the hardest heart and bringing them to the Lord. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Is someone waiting for you to make the day you give your life to Christ their best day? Don’t wait, take their hand and run with them down to your pastor. It will be the best day of your life, no doubt. Lets pray “Merciful Father thank You for the grace and unconditional love that you give to us. Give us the strength to shout out to the world about Your grace and glory. Give us courage and knowledge to show everyone that nothing is impossible with You by our sides. In Jesus name, amen.” After my husband gave his life to Christ he started coaching our church schools football team. I would take the girls to the games to watch their daddy coach the boys. This amazing husband of mine would actually pray with the boys before the games. My heart would swell with the “that’s my husband” type of pride and I would get a little grin, you know, the “I told you so” type of grin.

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