Gossip Girl!

My husband and I had put all the kids to bed last night and got cuddled up for the few hours that we get to spend time alone. We trade off who’s shows we are going to watch. Lets just say I have become a huge fan of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and he can name the cast of Dance Moms (total guilty pleasure!). Our oldest daughter who is 12 and in middle school came in to our room and got in bed with us. She said that she wanted to talk to us. She said “its nothing serious I just want to tell you whats going on at school.” My husband and I turned off the TV and froze so that we didn’t spook her away or miss a word that she was about to say. Nothing serious, really? She has no idea how serious it is that she opens up to us the way that she does. She is always completely open and brutally honest with us. Sometimes I feel bad for her friends because she comes home and tells us everything that went on that day word for word and I know that some of her friends probably don’t want their business broadcasted it my house. But I will take that over her hiding stuff from us any day. She went on to tell my husband and I every detail of the 6th grade life at her school. Everything from break ups to make ups and everything in between. She isnt just this open with me and her stepdad but she is completely open and honest with her daddy as well. You should have heard the conversation between her and her daddy after the sex ed class! She knows that daddy and I talk everyday and that we coparent as though we lived in the same house. Mommy,daddy, stepdaddy and stepmommy have to agree on everything together when it comes to her. So, she spilled the beans on everything and then casually kissed us goodnight and went to her room. We finally let out our breath that we had been holding the entire time. She knows that we unconditionally love her and always will. She know that no matter what she says or does, we will always be here for her. Because of the trust and faith she has in us she is not tempted to do things behind our backs or lie to us,at least not yet and I’m praying that it never comes. Is your relationship with God that way? I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always tell God the whole truth. I kind of cushion my sins in front of Him, as if He didn’t already know the whole truth. I used to pretend that I didn’t know God, that way I would have to answer to Him for the crazy wrong things that I had done. If He didn’t exist then all my sins were okay. But He does exist. He does live. He does know every single one of my sins. Now as a Christian I have to hold myself accountable for my sins. I know that there will be a day when I will stand before Him and have to answer for everything that I have ever done. I’m completely comfortable with it. Not because I live without sin but because sweet Jesus payed the price for my sins, for you sins. I know that I can tell God anything and everything and He will love me no matter what. Do you have that with Him? Do you want that with Him? He wants it with you. He wants to love on you and be a father to you. Let Him. All you have to do is accept what Jesus did for you. Go ahead, give it a try. Trust me, I’ve been on both sides and I promise that the side with Jesus on it is the best. Let’s pray “Heavenly Father, I k now that I can never repay You for the sacrifice that You gave for us and I know that I can never be good enough, rich enough or smart enough to earn Your love. I am thankful that all I have to do is love and accept Your son. How wonderful You are for making it so easy for us. In Jesus name,amen.” Later in the night I went into my daughters room to tell her how proud I am of her for being so open with us. She said “Well, I don’t tell you everything, I mean sometimes my sisters and I have secrets that don’t tell you.” Oh really, like what? She answered “well I don’t know but I’m sure there will be something and as long as it wont hurt anyone we should be able to keep sister secrets”. I’m going to give her that one.

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