2 Bits, 4 Bits, 6 Bits A Dollar!

When I had my first daughter I was already in the process of a divorce. Blame it on hormones but it was happening. I truly adore her daddy and we have a wonderful relationship but at the time we did not need to be together. I know, total contradiction to yesterdays post. I filed for divorce when I was 6 months pregnant, did I mention the hormones? When my daughter was born we lived with my oldest brother. Poor guy. He quickly decided to never get married or have children. Maybe is was the time that my daughter took off her stinky diaper and wiped in on the crib, that might have pushed him over the edge. He was a free spirit. My best friend of several years also quickly decided that she was not going to get married or have children. She claimed the title “Tia” and said that she was just going to be my daughters crazy Tia forever. I guess you could say that I ruined the dream of family life for either one of them. My best friend would literally call me in the middle of the night (yes, while I was running on zero hours of sleep because of an infant) just to let me know she was out having a blast. She once showed up at my house at 2am, woke me up and told me to teach her some cheerleading moves. The sad thing is, I did it. She did her best “2 bits, 4 bits” in my yard at about 3am as loud as she could. Then in a weird twist, she started to ask me if she could babysit for me. She would pretend that she was doing me a favor. At that time my brother started staying home more often. On the nights that my best friend would babysit, my brother would conveniently not have anything to do either. Oh, they thought that they were fooling me. They weren’t. I was taking advantage of the situation, playing dumb and getting some much needed me time. Then came the inevitable…they were an item. I remember the day that my brother called and said “Well, I guess she is going to be your sister.”. Some of the sweetest words I’ve ever heard him say. The same little girl that they used to spend time together stood next to them in their wedding. She was there for the birth of all of my children and I was there for the birth of hers. My best friends children are my niece and nephew. Perfect. She is still Tia, just not the Tia that she thought she was going to be. Instead she is a housewife, the best aunt ever, an amazing wife, a talented woman and the best sister a girl could ask for. Now try to tell me that Gods plans aren’t perfect. That He doesn’t have perfect timing. Just when you think that you are going to be the crazy single Tia for the rest of your life God puts a blessing smack dab in the middle of your path. My brother was made for her. God has been forming him into the man that she needs. He has also been forming her heart to be my brothers wife and the mommy to my wonderful niece and nephew. He is still working on them, just like He is working on all of us. He is never finished, always paving a path, washing us clean as snow and preparing wonderful blessings for us. Its His will not ours. Its time to surrender to it. Surrender to Him. If you think that you are going to be the crazy aunt for the rest of your life be prepared for some amazing surprise. Let pray “Sweet Father, thank you for putting us on the path that You have for us instead of letting us wonder on the path we want. Help me to open my eyes to what You have in store for me and help me to follow your will. I want to fully surrender myself to You. In sweet Jesus name, amen.” One of my favorite things to see is when we show up at my brother and sisters house and my girls run to them as fast as they can and wrap their little arms around them screaming out their names. They are my little girls two favorite people and dont tell them this but, they are my favorite people too.

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