It’s Banana, B A N A N A S!

I sell fruit and vegetables to monkeys. No seriously. Don’t go anywhere, I’m not crazy. I basically sell food to restaurants and anywhere else were someone can eat and I just so happen to sell to a research place that feeds monkey. They have been my customer for a few months now and I have yet to see a monkey. I don’t think that I’m technically supposed to be calling them monkeys. They prefer apes. Don’t quote me on that. This might catch you off guard but I am fairly out spoken and not very shy at all. Every time I walk in to the shipping and receiving area I always say as loud as I can “I’ve got food for the monkeys”. I really don’t have the food, that gets shipped on an eighteen wheeler, I just think its fun to say. I’ve realized that I think I’m funnier than the people that work there do. The thing is, these monkey (apes) are treated like royalty. We have to make sure that we ship them the freshest fruit and most perfect vegetables that we have. I actually have to ship them yellow bananas and green ones so that they will have perfectly ripe banana all week long. The man in charge of them said that since they do research on them, the least they could do is treat them like kings. Oh crud, did I open up a can of worms? Please no hate mail on servicing an account that does animal research, I promise they are very well taken care of and doing you a favor. I used to drive by this place without even thinking about the monkeys (apes) but to see that the people taking care of them are so passionate about them and that they want the best for them makes me think about how I treat the people in my life. These monkeys (apes) don’t do anything for the people that care for them, well not technically, they do contribute to society but not directly to the individual who is feeding them, bathing them, playing with them and anything else they need. The care givers get nothing in return from them. Do we do that with each other? We’ve been programmed to expect something in return when we give. Someone sneezes we say God bless you, we expect a say thank you. That may be a very simple example but you catch my drift right? I think that Jesus was a lot like the monkey (apes) caregivers. He gave and gave. He took care of us. He feed thousands with a loaf of bread and five fish. He walked barefoot through the toughest earth. He rose people from the dead. He gave the blind sight. He gave the mute a voice. He gave the deaf a sound. He bled from His back, His face, His arms, His stomach, His legs, all for us. He did that all for us and what did He ask for in return? To love Him and believe in Him. That’s it. That’s all. That’s easier to give than fresh bananas. So why are we so reluctant to let Him fully live in us. I don’t want to just be a christian, I want to be living through Christ. I want to accept the ripe bananas that He so freely gives to us. I want every moment, every decision, every word to be in His glory and for Him. Are you fully living in Christ and letting Him shine through you? I’m not dang it. I’m still trying to do things my way and pray for things to turn out my way. I want His way. I need His way. I crave His way. Lets pray “Sweet Father knock some sense in me please. Teach me to live through You and for You. Help me to not crave earthy things but to fix my eyes on You instead. I know that it is my responsibility to be a woman after Your heart and to be a christian example to the people around me. Please help me be the person that You want me to be. In Jesus name,amen”. I was thinking about those monkeys (apes) and if I changed my diet to what they eat instead I’m pretty sure I would be the healthiest woman in the world…but I’ve got a breakfast taco with my name on it!

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