I’m a sleazebag.

I’m officially a sleaze bag. I have always extremely disliked sales people. For one, I have never believed a word that comes out of anyone’s mouth. Does that sound too harsh? Well okay, there are only a hand full of people that I believe and that I trust and I’m ashamed of that. It’s something that I am desperately trying to change about myself. I also can’t stand smooth talking. I can see right through it. When I get in front of a sales person I usually just smile and nod, make them think that I believe them and then turn and run as fast as I can. I was supposed to become a judge when I grew up, turns out I’m a sales woman. Gag! I love the part of my job that offers great benefits, great pay, great flexibility and fellowship with some amazing people but I loathe selling. The real problem is that I’m kind of good at it and it makes me not like myself. The other day I went to a customers and saw a competitors invite on the host stand. The owner wasn’t there, just the manager. I made small talk with her, took the invites, put them in my bag and walked out the door. I had another sales rep with me and she told me that sales reps do that all the time. I got in my car, took a picture of the invite and text it to my boss with the caption “I’m officially a sleaze bag”. I seriously lost sleep over what I had done. To me it wasn’t honest. My boss said that it was “the nature of the game”. I don’t want to live my life that way. I love my job and will always work my hardest at it but if getting on top means being shady then I’d rather stay on the bottom (hope my boss doesn’t have this web address!). I always tell my oldest daughter to think about what she does and says before she does it. I ask her if Jesus was standing next to her would she do and say the things that she does. I know that I wouldn’t. I would have never taken that invite if Jesus was the one standing next to me. I know that I say things throughout the day that I would never say if Jesus was with me. Well, it turns out that Jesus is with me and standing next to me every day, all day. When my daughter was two she repeated a cuss word that she had heard. Her father and I gasped. I cant imagine how many times in the day my heavenly Father gasps at the things that come out of my mouth or at my actions. I don’t want to make Him gasp, I want to make Him smile. I want to make Him proud. At the end of the day I want to be able to say that there was nothing that happened during the day that I wouldn’t have done if Jesus was standing next to me. I know that on the day that I took that invite God wasn’t devastated but I know that I didn’t make Him proud. I wasn’t being true to myself or to Him. What would Jesus say at the end of a day with you? There are days that i would rather not know what He has to say about my actions. The problem with that is that I will have to answer to every single thing that I have done when I meet Him face to face. I would rather just live my life glorifying Him than having to answer for trying to live my life my way. It takes courage to stand up and do the right thing all the time and we certainly fall short of His glory but it’s our responsibility to try. I’m challenging myself and you to think about every action we take today. Only do and say things that you would if Jesus was right next to you. Lets pray “God please help me hold my tongue when my mouth is going faster than my brain. Remind me that I am here to glorify You and to serve You. Help me to set the best example that I can for all the little eyes that are watching me throughout the day. In Jesus name, Amen.” It turns out that my customer who I took the invite from has a sister in the same business and her sister took her to the competitors event. Looks like my sleaziness didn’t pay off after all. Lesson learned.

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