I live in a mansion

My husband let me pick out our house by myself. I was pregnant with the triplets and really couldn’t get around all that well so I called my aunt and asked her to find at least 3 houses in the neighborhood that I wanted to live in. She drove me up to the first house and I was sold. I hadn’t even made it out of the car and I was in love. We went to the other houses as a courtesy but I knew that I was going to get the first one. It has 72 trees in the front yard and sits on an acre. There’s an old wishing well and a rock fountain in the yard. Our bedroom has two beautiful rock walls, high ceilings and a fire place. That was all I needed to see. The girl rooms are great but what do I care I don’t have to sleep in there. Its a joke, sit back down. Of course I care about the kids rooms. The house is perfect for us. It’s my personal mansion. I”m sure they wouldn’t classify it as a mansion when it comes to square footage, number of bedrooms, size of bathrooms and whatever else qualifies a house as a mansion. Aside from its amazing qualities it also has its flaws. Its an old old house. The wood floors have seen there day, the windows let a draft in, the bathrooms are tiny and it has limited closet space. It’s my mansion because of the people who live in it. It’s my mansion because God lives there with us. Our house has seen my children be born, my daughters first day of middle school, a few first day of new jobs, Christmas parties, Easter parties, birthday parties, a baby shower or two, three new puppies, one new kitten, graduations from diapers to big girl panties, three baptisms, three baby dedications, my marriage renewed and so many other mile stones. Its also seen a case of lice, countless tummy bugs, cries from the death of an aunt, the death of a grandma and the death of a dad, fights between sisters, my marriage hit rock bottom, a completely empty bank account, heartbreak and tons more sad events. It’s my mansion. I cant imagine us living anywhere else. I cant imagine a more comfortable house. But Jesus said something that brings me more comfort than my home. Take time to read this verse “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.: John 14:2. He is in heaven as we speak building your mansion. I don’t know what that really means. I don’t think that He is building this grand house with gold trim and marble floors. I think that He is building a home. A home with your favorite memories hanging on the walls in pictures. A home with rooms for everyone that you love. I kitchen with endless comfort food and we can eat all we want and never gain a pound! A home where the sweetest music places nonstop, music that we have never heard with human ears. A home with floors made of the softest cotton that you can walk on with bare feet and it feels like you are walking on a cloud. Maybe the floor is not cotton after all and really is a cloud. I don’t know but I know that Jesus is there preparing it for His family. His family, me, you and everyone else that believes in Him and His father. My home in heaven will be filled with the sweet giggles of my little girls, the scent of my husband when he gets in bed at night, the softness of my daughters nightnight blanket and I’m pretty sure there is my grandmas German potato salad and my moms thanksgiving dinner in the fridge. What makes your house your home. Does Jesus live in your home? He lives in mine and that’s how I know that He knows exactly what I want my home in heaven to be like. If Jesus doesn’t live in you home, invite Him in. He’s waiting. He loves you and can not wait to start building your home in heaven. The angels are watching every moment just waiting for you to say the words to Jesus and let Him in and the second you do the will break out in song and dance. I promise, it says so right here ” In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” Luke 15:10. Invite Him in, you will not be disappointed. The property value in heaven is priceless. You can not afford a home there and you can not earn one. The only way to gain a mansion in heaven is to invite sweet Jesus into your home and your heart. There is only one way. Lets pray ” Sweet heavenly Father thank you for Your sons sacrifice. Help me to raise my family in a home that you reside in and where You are put first above all else. Thank you for the grace and forgiveness that You show us each day. In Jesus name, amen”. My husband and I thought we had a bright idea to pull up the carpet that is in one of our living rooms. We were hoping that there would be the same hardwood flooring there that is in the rest of the house. Well surprise, black and white checkered linoleum floors with red specks…umm lets just leave the carpet.

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