Security Bible.

We have a guest speaker in the house today! The devotional today is written by one of the amazing ladies who help start W3. The first time that I met her I had to ride in her car with her for the day. She is all about shoes and pursed and we seemed to be polar opposites. An hour into our day in the car together we were literally pulled over on a country road telling each other our darkest secrets and forming a bond as if we had been friends for years. She is a wife, a mother, a christian and one of the most amazing friends. Take it away my sweet sister.

I was taking a bath last night before bed and Stevie came in and said he couldn’t fall asleep. I knew this was morse code for “can I sleep with you”? Maybe he was scared or maybe just lonely. Rowdy had already fallen asleep in his chair. Anna Grace fast asleep with every doll she owns in her bed. He doesn’t ask too often if he can crash with me. I’m also the kind of mom that thinks to myself one day he will be too big or God forbid I could be hit by a bus tomorrow so if they have the need to be close to me I don’t often deny it. However I really wanted and needed to have some bible time and when he is in my bed he talks A lOT!!! So I asked if he would like to make a pallet next to me. He was so happy. When I got out of the bath he was fast asleep. I watched him sleep for a bit and read. Almost feeling like i should move him to his bed or even to mine. But he looked too peaceful so I just let him sleep. (You would almost have to know how often when he was a baby that I would have given a limb to see him laying so peacefully and not wiggling or crying and screaming; begging to get out of his own skin.) My mom reminds me all too often when I am having a bad day about how blessed I am. You see Stephen was so sick as a baby that when I look back at his baby pictures I see the true magnitude of God’s grace. I see now how as sick as he was God didn’t take him. He could have a couple of times or even a million times but he didn’t. He left him here for me to care for. He delivered him from all of his sickness. He can eat normal food and he has grown into a normal boy. Scratches, broken arms and all. So this morning when I pulled back his quilt to wake him I found his bible under his covers. He slept with his “lamb” as he secretly still does and his bible. When I asked “is that your bible?” he said “yes I was trying to read it when I fell asleep”. My heart swelled. My eyes filled with tears. We can make our children do just about anything. Say “yes ma’am” and “thank you”. Make them make their beds and do their homework. But we really cannot make them love God or even understand the magnitude of what Jesus died for……. So my heart sang when I realized that he knows I do this at night. Read my bible. I cheat sometimes at night and hit the Psalms …they are short and sweet and I am tired. But I try to never close my eyes without reading something. You see my heart swelled because I am not trying to make him love God even though I do sometimes have to make him go to church. My heart was full because he is learning to love God by example. We sometimes forget in our busy crazy lives that these little people God has given us are here to teach us too! He taught me this morning that I really am doing a few things right! I almost felt like I saw a mirror reflection…almost as if God were showing me as proud as I felt as a mom my child read his bible when he was scared, lonely or even just because …..that this is how he feels when we take the time out of our busy lives to read his word and love him. I am fortunate as I do not ever fail to recognize: I have parents who have loved me unconditionally. I have parents who have set the bar super high. I am thankful for that!
I was moved by all of this and just wanted to share with each of you. I hope your day is as blessed as mine has already been!

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