My Husband Sleeps In A Princess Bed

My husband let me sleep in yesterday and by sleep in I mean that I got up at 8 instead of 5. There’s not a huge opportunity to sleep in at my house. Even if my husband gets up before me and shuts our door, one of the girls always manages to slip by him and come in to tell me something extremely important that simply couldn’t wait another hour like “mom, mom, your still asleep”…gee thanks for letting me know. When I woke up yesterday and shuffled my way to the kitchen I passed the triplets room and saw my husband and all the triplets piled in one of the girls beds. Let me paint the picture. My husband is not a small man. He’s 6ft tall, shaved head, goatee and a few tattoos. He was curled up in a pink princess toddler bed with three five year old girls tucked all around him. They were quietly laying there watching cartons. I wanted to freeze that moment and save it somehow. When we got to church I prayed that their relationship would stay that way. I prayed that the girls would always be that comfortable with him and that they would always want him to snuggle up with them the way they were in the princess bed. Right now they idolize him. They follow him around like ducklings and constantly want his attention. They are total daddys girls. I couldn’t be more blessed with that relationship. I’m not a fool, I know that there will come a time when they don’t really want him in there business as much as they do now but I sure hope that the always love and respect him the way that they do now. I pray the same thing for their relationship with God. Right now they are completely unashamed in their relationship with God. They literally dance around the house singing about how they are going to get to live with Jesus one day. When you ask them who made them they answer “God did”. My older daughters have the same faith and love for God. We are beyond blessed that my stepdaughters mom is a woman of great faith and raises her in a Christian home. I can’t thank her enough for being such a good mommy. My oldest daughter is not afraid to share her faith and stand up for her love of God. Just like I am not naive about the girls relationship with their daddy and that it might change as the go through those dreaded teen years, I am also not naive in there relationship with Christ. I know that they will be challenged and tempted many times and the older they get the stronger the temptation will be. I know that temptation was too great for me to resist when I was younger and that at one time I thought that I was too cool for God. I now have to do everything that I can to nourish and support the relationship between my daughters and their father and with their heavenly Father. I have to live everyday setting an example for them and encouraging them to stand strong in their faith. It’s not an easy task. Are you setting an example of faith every day? I fail at it more than I would like to admit. Some days I get in bed at night and cant remember one moment in the day that I talked to someone about Jesus. Shame on me. We are in our mission field every time we walk out the door. My passion for growing my daughters relationship with their father and heavenly Father should stop with just them. Lets get out there and tell everyone that we can what a wonderful relationship they can have with God. Lets tell them that He wants to snuggle and love on them just like my husband does with my daughters. Of course you don’t have to use the example of my husband and the triplets, after all he has no idea that I am telling anyone that he was laying in a princess bed when I got up this morning.

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