There’s a Party Going On!

Last night my husband and I got to go watch our triplets perform at their end of the year show at school. They have been so excited about this for weeks. They are all in separate classes so they each had their own song to sing. They don’t always get to do their own thing so this was a big deal. The kids dress up in jeans and white shirts and I have to say it was pretty darn adorable. We were proud parents as we drove to church last night and my girls were singing “God’s Not Dead” at the top of their lungs. When we got out of the car my oldest triplets looked up and yelled “Hi God”, that enough to make you melt. All this kiddos filed in to the worship center and proudly belted out their songs. Parents crowded the isles and packed the pews, each one struggling to get a glimpse of their child. We were at a small disadvantage because our girls were on complete opposite sides from each other. If all the parents were that happy that their children were worshiping God, can you imagine how God felt! I think that heaven got giddy with excitement as our children entered the church. The angels were whispering about how wonderful it was going to sound when the little children sang His praise. The looked over at God to see if He was smiling or anxious or calm…I’ll bet on a calm smile. As soon as their sweet voices were carried up, heaven erupted in excitement, they danced and cheered and stared at our beautiful babies. Family members that have gone to live with Jesus got front row seats to watch their little ones sing. My dad got to see my daughters for the very first time. I don think that it made him sad, I think that he was so happy to get to watch them. That brings me comfort. It was the party of the century in heaven all because 4 and 5 year olds were praising Jesus. I want to do that. Not just on Sunday, everyday. I feel like God and I have a very cool friendship and Father/daughter relationship but I admit that I don’t constantly praise Him the way that I should. He never takes His focus off of us, NEVER! So why do we take our focus off of Him? It can be done, Jesus had no problem doing it. Why do we? Today is the day that I want to make that change in my life. Will you join me? Let pray “God thank you for the wonderful little blessings in our lives and for the children that you are allowing us to borrow. Love on those babies that had to leave their families early and now get to snuggle with you. Open our hearts and help us to praise you every minute of every day. In Jesus name, Amen.” The best part about last night was that one little boy yelled for him mommy the entire time, he could find her in the audience. When he finally found her everyone cheered, much like when one of us finally finds God, the angels cheer.

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