How To Lose 33lbs In One Day!

My children are officially banned from going to the grocery store with me. I usually try to go by myself anyways but when they do go with me they are very well behaved. I do have to brag a little about them and tell you that I have extremely well mannered and passive little girls. We have the occasional meltdown but heck, who doesn’t. They keep their hands in the cart or walk quietly beside me. My oldest triplet always wants to know if the food we are getting is healthy for them, ironically she would just eat chocolate bars if we let her. My oldest wants at least two things down ever isle. My middle triplet just wants her box of cereal and to hold it the entire time. The youngest just does whatever the oldest does. Confused yet? Me too. This is why I try to make these trips alone, plus it gives me a little me time. My amazing husband asked to take over he grocery shopping for me so that he could take a little of the responsibility and stress off of me. Oh how I love him but he does not know how to use coupons so I thanked him after a month and took back my grocery duty. So why are my well behaved children officially banned from the grocery store? Well, last night I had to take them all in there with me, purely out of desperation. The followed me like ducks, used their manners, only asked for a few things instead of a few hundred things and then we got to the check out. I was watching the cashier, not really paying attention to what the girls were doing. When I looked over at them, the two that can read every word in the dictionary were staring at the magazines on the rack right in front of the grocery belt. The other two, who are still only reading the likes of cat, dog, run and few other basics were glues to to the other side of the cashier isle where a Willy Wonka sized shelf full of candy cried out their names. I took a minute to look at what they were looking at and tried to see it from their little eyes. On one side was headlines that read “Back After Baby/Worlds Most Beautiful Woman” and “Beyonce Showcases Her New Body After Baby, Super Diet” and “Drop 47lbs” and “Drop 2 Sizes!”. Get the picture? We call them smut magazines in our house and they are not allowed in here. I have nothing against Beyonce, she is pretty, I dont listen to her music only because we have a rule that we only listen to Christian music in our family but I know that she probably has some great songs. But to say that she is the most beautiful woman in the world, I just cant agree. Beauty is not about how quickly we can lose our baby weight. Heck, I weighed 7.4lbs when I was baby, I’ll never get back to my baby weight ;). I did lose 33lbs in one day but that’s only because I gave birth to three babies at one time. Beauty is not about what you look like when a professional photographer takes you picture, spends hours editing it and then puts it on a magazine next to the words “Super Diet”. I personally think it is sick that young girls and boys are set up to think that this is what beautiful looks like and that our focus should be on dieting and “dropping 47lbs”. I do believe we should teach our kids to eat well and focus on being healthy, not rail thin but healthy. I have banned a scale from ever entering this house, numbers will not matter to my daughters. Those magazines will never enter my house. I subscribed my daughter and my sister to Susie Magazine and if you have a daughter you should check it out. Look it up on facebook, it is a wonderful, encouraging, Christian magazine for young girls. They can read that all day long if they want and I don’t even have to monitor it. Ok, back to my kids being banned form the store. They are banned because the stores intentionally put this stuff at the check out isle. We cant avoid it. If it were down an isle in the store we could skip that isle, but we have to check out. This is also the time when we are most still in the store, giving the kids plenty of time to become engrossed in the headlines and slobbering over the mass amounts of candy. It the stores final attack on our family. Well, they wont get the Curry girls. I think I’ll write them a mommy letter complaining about it, yep, I’m that lady. I’ll also keep my eyes a little more opened to what is being filtered in to my daughters minds without me even noticing. We have to fight for our younger generation whether its our daughters, sisters, nieces, nephews, sons, brothers, friends and all those kids that don’t have someone fighting for them. That’s our job! Are you willing to stand up for the generation following us? I am and I’m actually getting a little fired up about it. Want to get fired up with me?

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