God is the tooth fairy!

My youngest triplet has had a loose tooth for a few weeks now. About a week ago I convinced her to let me give it a tug. I sweet talked her and let her know that it wasn’t going to hurt a bit, I lied and I’m not ashamed., I wanted that thing out of there! I tugged, I tugged again and then I tugged again. The only thing that I got out of her mouth was blood. That tooth looked at me and laughed, I promise. So about two nights ago I asked her if I could see it again. She stood on the other side of the room, completely out of my reach, and opened her mouth as wide as she could. Smarty pants. Two things were keeping her from me, she didn’t want it to hurt and she didn’t want to loose the tooth she had for the last five years. She and that tooth had been through everything together. They graduated to solid foods together, they learned to walk together, the started school together, she didn’t want to feel what it was like not having it. She caved in a cautiously came over to me. She was sobbing as she sat down and her eyes were red and swollen. I was nervous too, I have never pulled a tooth! Yep. never! My oldest daughter pulled all her own teeth at school, not all at the same time of course. I reached in that little tiny mouth and a in one tug was holding the smallest tooth I have ever seen. The instant she saw the tooth in my hand a huge smile came over her sweet face. She ran to look at it in the mirror and much to our surprise her permanent tooth was already making its way in. She was an instant big girl! Have you ever been in that spot? No, not standing in front of a mirror toothless but in fear of letting go of something that you no longer need and that is doing you no good. I have, once, okay twice. To be honest I’ve lost count of how many times I have actually faced this fear. The first time I remember it happening was with my friend when I was 4 years old. We played in the yard together but she was mean and scratched me in the eye, I have a scar. I had to let her go which meant letting go of the only playmate on my street. Then God sent a houseful of kids to move in to one of the house right down from us. Two sisters became my good friends and I was playing out in the yard with them in no time. After that it was a gold and emerald ring. I needed money and I had a beautiful ring that my dad had given me. There was absolutely no sentimental value to it, I’m was sure that it was stolen, but it was beautiful. I didn’t want to let it go but it was always a reminder of lies so I took it to a pawn shop and payed bills with the money I got from it. I ended up feeling better that the bill was payed and that I no longer had a hurt reminder around my finger. Then there was a boyfriend. I was sure that I could never live without him. Oh silly girl. God gave me every hint that I needed to leave but I continued to stay. What was I going to do without him? Was anyone ever going to love me? Can I make it on my own? Don’t get me wrong, he was and still is a wonderful man, he was just not the man that God had picked out for me. Finally God convinced me to come over to Him. . I was sobbing and my eyes were red and swollen and I let him pull what He new wasn’t good for me out of my life. I had to face the mirror with what I though was half of me gone. Something amazing happened. That half of me was gone but in its place something permanent was already coming in. My husband had been placed in my life and the spot that was empty slowly grew in to be perfect. I just had to trust God to take out the things in my life that shouldn’t be there so that He can replace them with something wonderful. Is there something that God is tugging on in your life but you’re too scared to be without it. He is tugging on it for a reason, He wants to make room for something more beautiful. You never know what he is going to put under your pillow while you sleep. “I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.” John 15:1. Read it again. He is our gardener. It is His job to trim the vines, to remove the dead branches so that new ones can grow in. Its His job to prune us. Get it. Go read John 15, its worth it. Lets Pray “God give me the strength to accept that you will take away from me to give me what I need. Give me the courage to give it all to You. In Jesus name, Amen.” Well, the dang tooth fairy left my daughter $1, setting the bar a little high. This is just the first of three little girls who are starting to loose their teeth…I need to go apply for a loan!

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