God’s Will

My husband and I have five daughters, my sister and two girl dogs. My husband is out numbered! I know that he really loves it but everyone teases him about being the only boy in the family. Most of the time he is like a rock star, he has tons of girls screaming his name when he walks in. We have talked about trying for a boy but its just not in the cards for us right now, we already have so much on our plates. God has mapped out this family for us and has had it mapped out for us for us long before we were here. When we go to church we aren’t that crazy family with tons of kids…well ok we are the crazy family but lots of other families have tons of kids too they just seem to have an even mix of boys and girls. Our church had a service yesterday with a man who ministers through Labrador dogs. He had two male labs and did a wonderful service incorporating their obedience to him. It was amazing. The dogs were obedient, behaved, clean and beautiful, basically all the things we want to be in God eyes. He also geared it towards the children and how they should be obedient, that was my favorite part. God wants us to be faithful and obedient to Him and Him only. Thats not as easy as we would like for it to be. God wants us to minister and lead people to Him. Most of us are afraid to get out of our comfort zone and leave what we know to go to people who are in places we had never imagined ourselves. Its so easy for us to walk out of our homes, drive to church and walk through the doors where most people know us and we know what they believe in. What does it take to walk out of our homes and head to a place where people don’t know about Jesus, a place where they don’t dress like us, eat what we eat, live how we live and believe what we believe. It takes an enormous amount of faith and obedience. I don’t know if I have what it takes. I wish I did. A perfect example of this kind of faith is a family that I know. They sold what they had here, packed up their three small children and moved to Nicaragua to help the children there. Their ministry is Hope for Nica (http://www.hopefornica.com) and they help give dental work to children and supply dresses to little girls. I can not imagine what kind of faith it took for them to leave the luxuries of America, pull there kids out of what society thinks they should be doing and move over there. I pray for that amount of faith and obedience. I want the obedience of the dogs that were in our church yesterday and the faith of my friend. I am challenging myself to open my heart and eyes to what God really wants out of me. I am praying for the faith it takes to follow Gods plan for me and my family. I hope it doesn’t have anything to do with frogs, I’m not sure I will ever have that much faith. I’ll pray for you today and that you are able to follow Gods plan, please pray for me. Lets Pray “God open my eyes to Your plan and give me the faith that Peter had when he step out of that boat. Give me the obedience that Mary had when she gave birth to Jesus and give me the courage David had when he faced Goliath. In Jesus name, Amen.” After the amazing sermon with the perfectly trained dogs, my church drew a name out of a rather large plastic tub and gave away a 2 month old male lab puppy. I would say that there were a few hundred entries and everyone in the church was praying for it to be their name that they pulled. I was praying that it wasn’t our name that they pulled. Well, my husband finally has another boy in the house. His name is “Gods Will” but we just call him Will. I have to go feed the puppy.

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