Baby Socks

When my husband and I decided that we were ready to have another child, we sat our oldest daughter down and told her that we were going to try to have another baby. She was just turning 6 years old at the time. She told us that she was going to pray for the baby and she did, right then and there. She said “God please put a baby in my moms tummy” then she said “did you feel it mom, did he put it in there”, I would save that conversation for a little later when she was more ready to hear how that baby was going to get in there. What we thought was going to take months to happen took only a few short weeks. We were pregnant. I bought baby socks and put them in a gift bag to give my husband when I told him that we were pregnant. I could not find a single pair of socks and had to buy a pack of two. They were yellow with ducks on them. I handed him the bag and his face lit up when he pulled those socks out. We were so excited. We had been talking about this moment for a long time and now we were getting to live it. Two weeks later I woke up and was bleeding. We headed straight to the doctor. I will never forget laying on the exam bed getting the sonogram. It wasn’t good news so they pulled us into an office to have :the talk” with us. There were two babies and no heart beats. They figured that one baby didn’t make it and the other had died shortly after that. I was not strong in my faith at that time and had no problem blaming God for this. We had taken separate cars to the doctor so I had to drive home by myself while family and friends called nonstop with support. The doctor had told me to come back in a week so that we could “take everything out”, I was going to have to go through them taking the two dead babies out of me. I didn’t leave my bed for that entire week. My dad was a twin and all my life I wanted twins. My chance at having them had just been crushed. We bravely went back after a week and once again I laid on that bed and got a sonogram. About 5 minutes into the sonogram the nurse said “well, its definitely twins” (ya thanks, tell us something we don’t know) then she said “there are two heart beats”. What? My babies had not died, as a matter of fact they had good strong heart beats. She spent the next 40 minutes measuring the twin and then she stopped, looked a little harder at the screen and said something that would change my life forever…”there’s another one”. I calmly said “another what?”. She smiled at us and said “another baby, there’s three, you are having triplets and they all have good heart beats.”. We walked into that office thinking that we were losing two babies and we walked out gaining three. We were not on fertility and we were going for a boy, turns out we got three more girls. That’s the day that I was sure of one thing, ok two things. One, there is a God and He is good and two, I was about to get very fat. When I was doubting God and blaming Him for what was happening to my family, He was smiling at me because only He knew the wonderful prize that was in store for us. We never know Gods plan but we do know that He does good things for those who believe in Him. I wish I could say that that single moment in my life gave me complete surrender to Gods plans. I’ve said before that I’m a control freak so letting someone else plan my life is crazy. I have to remind myself that its not just someone that’s planning my life, it GOD! He is good, He is loving, He is faithful, He is wise and He has a heck of a sense of humor! Lets Pray “Dearest Lord, please ease my anxiety and fears of what is planned for my life. When I am stuck in a moment that I am sure is not good for me, help me remember whos in charge and that the One in charge is on my side and wants good things for me. In Jesus name, Amen.” After we found out that we were having triplets I sat my oldest down and said “remember when you prayed for God to put a baby in my tummy? Well, he put three in there!” She bowed her head and slowly looked up at me and said “am I in trouble for praying to hard?”. My husband still has the two pairs of socks that I gave him that day and he uses them to tease me saying that I only wanting twins but got blessed with triplets.

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