Sleep Tight

First off I would like to give a disclosure. My husband and I are aware that he can not spell early in the morning. My sister is probably having a fit over the misspell. At least he didn’t use the word “your” wrong, she goes mental!

Every morning I get up around 5 and have my morning coffee, alone! The house is quiet and I can get some me time in. My sweet husband usually gets up about 6:30 and we start waking the girls up and getting them ready for school together. We have a pretty tight system and it takes all hands on deck. My job is waking them, picking out their clothes and fixing their hair. He makes the breakfast, finds socks and shoes and brushes their teeth. We flip a coin (not really) and decided who is going to drive them to school and by 7:28 we are out the door. Yesterday morning I tried to sneak out of our room as quietly as possible, I knew that my husband had not slept well the night before. I woke all the girls and made sure everyone was super quiet so that we didn’t wake daddy. I enlisted my oldest daughter to find three pair of matching shoes for the triplets and I got them off to school without my husband waking up. I love the mornings when I am able to let him sleep in. He works very hard for our family and deserves the extra hour. I do it completely out of love and do not expect anything in return ( I wouldn’t be mad if the dishes got done). When I got home yesterday morning after dropping the girls off at their schools, my husband had taped this note to the door. It was sweet and silly at the same time. He doesn’t have to thank me for doing my job as a mother and wife but he always reminds me that he respects me and loves me with a sweet note. I would never ask him to do something for me in return if I did something for him. Our vows to each other are not about what we can get out of each other but what we can contribute to each others lives. I’m ashamed to say that I don’t always act this way in my relationship with God. Sometimes I find myself asking something from him and promising Him something in return. “Oh God if you just let me have this job then I will put more in the offering on Sunday…I PROMISE!” or “God if you soften her heart then I promise I will never use your name in vain again…SERIOUSLY!” or “God if you just let me win the lottery I promise I will donate half to a charity..okay a fourth..NO REALLY!”. I want to learn how to be more grateful for the little blessings that God sneaks in my life each day instead of being greedy and asking for my will to be done instead of His. I want to tape a thank you note on Gods door each morning reminding Him how strong and wonderful I think He is. There is no point in trying to barter with God, He has had a plan laid out for your life long before you were born. He does things for us because He loves us and all he wants in return is our love back..that’s it, nothing else, just our love. Done!. Just like I enjoyed letting my husband sleep an extra hour, our sweet heavenly Father enjoys giving us extra rest and peace in our lives. Lets pray “God thank you for putting little blessings in our lives each day to comfort us and give us peace. Thank you for the life changing blessings that we don’t deserve but you give us anyways. Please help me keep my focus on Your will and release my own. In your awesome Sons name, Amen.” Just between us, I fake sleep on Saturday mornings so that my husband has to get up with the girls.

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